Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

So perfect a description of his behavior one wonders if NOT a spoof!-OEN

.. Believe it or don’t.

Some little-known facts about our 45th president involve an early exploration of “Scouting. Rumor has it that in 1958, Donald Trump was becoming bored with throwing rocks at smaller kids on Queens street corners. He needed an outlet for his manic energy, foul mouth, and other undesirable behaviors. Big Donnie, as the smaller neighborhood kids called him, kept seeing boys about his age in brownish-green uniforms, caps, big red things around their neck, brown shoes and almost knee-high greenish socks and with shorts in the summer, who apparently were headed somewhere on a serious mission. Before his bone-spur flareup, young Don was even a more aggressive young man, and uniforms attracted him. One afternoon, he grabbed a smaller kid wearing that mysterious uniform, and after an extensive interrogation of the uniformed young man ascertained that he was what the kid called a “boy scout” on his way to the meeting of his “troop.” The word “troop” caught young Trump’s military attuned ear and the uniform his eye.

Every time young Trump spotted one of these “boy scouts” alone on a Queen’s street, he’d grab their shirts and question them further to learn more about scouting. Over that summer, he heard for the first time such words as duty, patriotism, service, faith, character, friendly, loyalty, and others, none of which interested him in the least. To him, scouting, as he was learning about it, was for “losers.”

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