Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

There is a simple explanation for well-off white middle-class families refusing to wear masks. It’s just telling the rest of us that “They are still in charge!” And that no matter what, we will, as we have always done, dance to the tune they choose. Neither truth, nor logic, nor ethics will dissuade them. They are telling us that they are in charge. That is what supremacy of any kind and type does. It may be stupid, it might bring about hardship and even death. But that is the message they can’t live without! It is in their religion, how they see themselves as Americans and if necessary, they will sacrifice themselves, their families, and their nation, to keep the sense of place, and self intact. So a mask mandate is the perfect vehicle to declare their power to control everything. So exactly what kind of future are they building? The truth is, they don’t care, as long as they are in charge. The same goes for rich or poor Trumpsters! That no matter how poor or uneducated, they will always be the decision-makers. That anyone with different skin color or if it is a woman shall always lose to them. Is how it should be in their eyes. They will use anything, lie about anything, and do most anything to keep it that way.
From homelessness, for those, they see as less than them, to death before the vaccine and even taking it themselves, to ensuring poverty for the majority of Americans and to make sure health care is unavailable. That is how they stay on top, in charge, and in control. Billions and billions spent for control, nothing to help those that they see as less than them. That has been the pattern for the last 40 years, in America. It was all about keeping the whites in control. The Cons (Rich Ultra Conservative Authoritarians) have bankrolled it, the neo-Nazis played their part by scaring everyone, the everyday church-going white supremacists voted as they were told and then cheered every nut job they could elect. Trump gave them a rallying point, which even a crooked racist in charge was better than the most competent of leaders that didn’t agree with them. That it is all about them, them again and always them. Those Liberals can take away their Segregation, their institutionalized racism, but they will get even. And this is that revenge in action. And why they love Trump. Because wrecking this country is the best of all revenge.
This is what is happening now. Before our very eyes and in real-time. White man’s revenge! They think they can do it all and keep everything working while they get their white groove back but they have no real understanding of the size of the game in play. All they have really done is enable our enemies. It has been their plan to keep the military strong while they disrupted the internal workings of the nation. That as long as they were strong, they could wreck the rest. That is what they do now. But as good as the military is, if the core of this nation is destroyed, it will all fold in on itself. Which is the plan of the Cons. The Regressives just see getting their white supremacy back and no further. But the Cons see an authoritarian America with their complete certainty institutionalized along with no recourse against what they do to us. It’s clear and easy to see. As long as you don’t have your white supremacy blinders on. And as the pandemic has shown us, they never take them off.
We are living in the future the Cons have built for the past 40 years! The future is built by what we do today! We can’t buy our future, we will have to work our future! Here’s the thing. If we stick with our single-issue vision of things, we can’t see what is happening because we prefer to see as we always have. That the Democratic Party and the illustrious “Ground Game” will save the day, then the future shall be the one we build through that! And it will indeed be bleak!
RC Romine

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