Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

Written by RC Romine

“The stories of I, Robot – and Asimov’s robot stories in general – tend to circle around two central themes: Humanity’s control and understanding of the technology it has created. Non-human life, and the capacity of life which simulates humanity to feel and be human.” Wikipedia
I would also add, the capacity of intelligence in any form to act like humans, while we as actual humans, mimic animals. Let me begin with Asimov’s “Three Laws “of robotics.
“The Three Laws” They are: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. … A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.”
“But they were not perfect as advertised. From I, Robot: According to Dr. Alfred Lanning (An Asimov Character and inventor of the three laws) , the Three Laws of Robotics are “perfect,” yet he says that they will lead to one “logical” outcome: revolution. From Reddit.”
Lanning was correct on both accounts. The laws were perfect, a complete circle of protection, for humans. But at the same time, the perfect path to revolution. When dealing from logic, with an illogical and capricious master or authority, the laws created an illogical and unsolvable problem, for a logical thinking entity. Whether robot or human. How can these fools control my life? It is time to redefine what a law may be, what it may do, and how it affects those living within them. And to understand that a law is not a personal vendetta against someone like we see so often with the Cons and Regressives. That only if there is a perfect set of laws, surrounding and protecting, some against their own actions, some against their fears, can the “perfect” laws the Cons and Regressives work. To create the logical conclusion of revolution.
Sadly, from all of the idiot calls for “Civil War,’ they probably think that can refight the War Between the States. And this time they think because they have bankrupted the nation, they will have the most resources. Unlike the first Civil War. To win, they must destroy us as a people. You can see their strategy in their efforts to divide and distort us. Lie about everything in a “Confusion to your enemies” assault on the nation. Divide and conquer, confuse and intimidate, redirect and manipulate, those are just the beginnings. Until they drown us in a bathtub, beat us into submission, and destroy everything but the appearance of democracy, to reinforce their freedom to abuse. This is the time to begin the rebirth of OUR America, our humanity. There is simply no excuse for a defense of the intelligent animal. We know and understand this monster. Whether it wears a Swastika, a hammer and sickle, Confederate Stars and Bars, and any number of insignia of despots and tin-pot dictators, they are the same. People that see themselves as those of some sort of destiny, at the expense of others, are tied to an ideology of some sort.
We are all that stand against the darkness, the darkness of what the intelligent animal can destroy. How the intelligent animal can take us into their pit of hate and a simple-minded, righteous, arrogant, and ignorant excuse to shove their stupid on anyone they can. Humanity is not about laws, or about how we have the freedom to destroy in the name of ignorance. As Lanning said in I, Robot, The laws are perfect. Perfect for revolution. But also perfect for an evolution, an evolution to become human beings as the Cons work so hard to turn us into robots.
RC Romine


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