Fri. Apr 19th, 2024


Reviewed by Ken Carman

It’s not that the acting is terrible.

It’s “OK.”

The cinematography is OK, not grand.

It’s the writing.

Take one part Terminator, one part, “WWWWWWWIIIIILLLLLSSSONNNN!!!” One part Harry Potter’s cloak. One part Avatar huge manned mechanical robots. One part Scotty, “You take the kaflibity flam and mix it with one stir with a gablugorg,” and mix it with real computer terms, old tech I haven’t seen since my father was a ham buying old tech in the 60’s… One part Robocop and one part Ironman and you wouldn’t even come close to all the appropriated Deus ex Machina.

…a term used for drama centuries ago when the writers would use mechanical devices to substitute for actual writing, good plots and decent focus, important conclusions. Plus, they lost one heroine in the same truck with a hero when the bots blew it up. How did he survive?

Inquiring minds are bothered by skipping that important moment.

On the bright side some people will be bothered that the two heroes are black, and a white women. Those bothered NEED to be bothered. While not perfect by any means, we have come a long ways from when just being in the company of a white woman could get one lynched.

Not a terrible movie, somewhat entertaining, somewhat confusing, and somewhat annoying.



Welcome to Our End of the New movie reviews. One poster: don’t bother. Two posters: eh, OK, but a lot of problems here. Three: Good movie, just at least one problem. Four: very good. Five: if you don’t go you’re missing out. Added comments at the end: “you could wait for it to come on TV,” “best seen on the big screen” and “good for all screens,” unless other comments are added, refer mainly to the nature of the movie such as special effects, incredible sound or scenery that might make it best seen in a movie theater depending on your set up at home.


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