Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023
We humans, always, it seems, seek to try to make things as complicated and convoluted as we can. In the end, it is always the same, dealing with the forces at work, and at hand. The hurricane bearing down on us at the moment is a prime example. Hurricanes deliver wind, rain, and storm surge, each depending on location, storm direction, and strength. This one at the moment looks like it will run us over, back up, and then run us over again. 10 to 15 inches of rain within 24 hours will do that by itself. But 100+ miles per hour winds and a 5-10 feet storm surge shall make it miserable for the vast majority of us, here. That’s a given, the only variable will be how much of each. So, logically, you tie things down, get water and food that can be cooked and stored without electricity, and then just wait for it and deal with it as it happens. Straight forward really, except…
Really it all begins with the decisions you have made of where to put what money you have. We don’t have fancy stuff, but our home is kept up, we put our money into hurricane windows and doors, a long time ago. We don’t live by the water, in fact, we live on Mount Highland. The highest point in Clearwater. We are a whopping 32 feet above sea level. We have never had the comfort of luxury items, or the security of status, because of wealth. So we live within a reality of having to deal, with the forces at work.
We are coming to a time of reckoning. Of either understanding that the false prophets and gods of the Cons (Republicans) will destroy what we have built upon the gift of the Founders. Or we will deal with those forces trying to destroy democracy because, they can. The forces at work are really, just as plainly seen as the hurricane quickly approaching. Just as the reaction I have seen from others concerning the storm (I am Mr. Gloom and Doom) it is how we react to those forces that count. We can choose to ignore the threat, hide it, with religion and ideology, or embrace it as the most powerful. But in the end, it will be our interaction with the reality of the situation, which spells the outcome for each of us. Unlike the hurricane, we can stop the momentum of authoritarianism, we can make the choices that will save the world of our children and grandchildren. We just have to do the things that will make that happen. By the way, there is a good chance I will be on an “Iancation” for a while because of the lack of services. But, I will be back!
RC Romine
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