Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Well, off hand, I can think of plenty of things wrong with being woke?

For one thing, it’s arrogant; The tone of the message fights with the content of the message, bearing the assumption that you’re smarter, more moral, more evolved, more kind, more decent, more sensitive, and generally better than other people. That’s not a good look. It’s also less than persuasive, not the sort of thing that makes more people want to be like you. As political messaging or strategy for enlarging the ranks of progressive people, it’s pathetic, It irritates people; even some people who think they’re just as fuckin’ woke as you are don’t like it. It makes the desire for political progress just look like a competition between people who generally agree, but feel the need to one-up one another. How can that be a good thing?

If you don’t know what I mean, you might try to access old memories of going to church when you were a kid and you could just feel that sense of superiority wafting off the clothing the holier-than-thou so often wore to Sunday services. Many of those folks would later be revealed to be hypocrites, but even those who never got caught with another man’s wife, or were busted for dishonest business practices, or for drunk driving on Saturday night, the very sense of self-righteousness they wore like a suit of armor was already enough to make them a bad ad for Christians.

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