Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Written by Robert Warden
There is something that keeps popping into my mind, as it probably does with a lot of people who have lost loved ones. It is that I really wonder what my now deceased parents would think about Donald Trump, or the current Republican Party for that matter.

I have been trying to put words into their mouths, but I can’t seem to do that very clearly. What I do know, is that my mother would be complaining about what a bully Trump is, and wonder how so many people could support him or how fellow Republicans are so loathe to disagree with him no matter how ridiculous he is being.

As for my father, he would agree with my mother, and probably speculate that Trump portends the end of American civilization if allowed to succeed. He would wonder how such hatred, bigotry and greed had taken over the Republican Party. I suppose that my father would talk much like Steve Schmidt of “The Warning” does on his videos.

The startling thing is, my parents were Republicans, at least until Obama came along. They were “Eisenhower Republicans,” which now have been cast out of the Republican Party in favor of right-wing extremists. They fit some of the demographics that Republicans cater to, being a “middle class white couple,” but they were not Christians, not rural although they liked the outdoors, and were well educated.

The Republican Party has seemingly done everything in its power to polarize its base, while narrowing it in the process as a side effect. I wonder how many of us had Republican now-departed relatives who would be horrified at what has become of the Republican Party?
For that matter, what would “The Founding Fathers,” think of the current political situation?

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