Thu. Feb 29th, 2024

Here is some good news. I just watched a couple of videos by The Meidas Touch, in which founder Ben Meiselas shares many comments to their videos, by people who left the Republican Party and now vote for Democrats. Many of these people left the GOP since the 2020 election, while others left it before then.
While I am generally a believer in data, numbers and polling and so forth, in a time in which Democrats consistently outperform pre-election polls, perhaps these personal testimonies carry a significance that is difficult to capture in polls which most voters are reluctant to participate in these days.
Meiselas also shares a video of Ken Buck in the earlier video, and of Trump and Biden in the more recent one. After watching the first video, I saw a headline that Kevin McCarthy might quit Congress, as Ken Buck is doing. Perhaps these encouraging defections are signs of the political climate going into 2024. Also, another video, by David Pakman, mentioned that if convicted of a crime, 6-7% of voters report that they would switch from being Trump voters to being Biden voters, which would be huge – and Trump is on schedule to be convicted in at least one case if not more, by the time of the 2024 election.
I just wanted to share some encouraging news and my thought processes going forward, and include it in my blog this time.
News Flash: Former Republicans Discover that their Hearts are on the Left, after all.
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