Fri. Jul 19th, 2024
Have you ever asked yourself “What is all of this shit about?” There is a spectrum of power that ranges from what we call authoritarianism, or “Rule by the Incompetent” to a pure “Meritocracy.” Or the rule of the most talented. Both are based on lies and separation.
You may know the rule of the incompetent as a monarchy, or a dictatorship and of the supposed most talented, as communism. In all cases, it has been the rule of an insular group, pushing its agenda, and self-interest. The key to both working is “Separation.”
The vast majority of people must be separated from real power. They are controlled through propaganda, religion, and slanted and unjust laws to benefit the ruling power structure. A community standard is built and enforced to the lowest level of society. All to reinforce the legitimacy of captured power by one group or another. And to justify the righteous cruelty enforced to keep everyone in line.
Whether it is the far-right such as Trumpsters and the Koch Network of Billionaires or the Far-left of screamers and Stalinesque repression, they are the same. Except for the rationale for doing it. On one hand, it’s protection of a righteous community standard, even if it’s fueled by racist-based hate. On the other, it’s just that we know best, and you don’t count.
Both sides fuel a fear and rhetoric-based mythology, that only they can solve the problems, they usually create. That’s why both ends of the political spectrum hate the idea of a fair and true democracy. But let me also add that today’s progressives were yesterday’s “New Dealers” and are NOT included in any discussion about extremes. In fact, America was at its best during the New Deal. Trumpism and the Koch insurrection is an attempt to drive us back to being a captive democracy.
Political parties are the political “Hedge Funds” of this nation. They are there to bend the nation to their will. If it wasn’t for the power of the Progressive movement, the Democrats would still be Bill Clinton’s Republican-lite Party. The Republican Party has been effectively bought out by the monied interests and their minions.
We now have a captured system, where real and important change cannot happen because of the power of money and the vested interests of both political parties. It is a sad fact that both parties are controlled by a donor class that only varies by degree. The entire middle of the political spectrum has been politically eliminated.
On the right, the conversation is all about trans people, gay people, immigration, and hate for anyone that doesn’t think as they do. On the left, it’s about economic oppression, abortion and racism. Everything in the middle is either ignored or spun into unrecognizable illogic. So, to keep the right and left from winning, everyone else is wrecked. All of this is being paid for by the Billionaire class and their control and ownership of institutions and infrastructure. It is time for something different.
The crazy part is that everything on the far-left has been already destroyed. Even the dreaded Antifa is just a defense of democracy. The “New Dealers” or today’s Progressives are those against the corporate takeover of this nation. Those who are fighting a corporate monarchy that is immune to their needs. It is now time to seek real and lasting change that is truly “We the people” in its foundational philosophy. Democracy has always been a function of the middle of society. Those willing to let others be themselves. It is only in the extremes that society must change to be comfortable for the ruling class. That is what we are seeing now.
We have the foundation for a new democracy in the Founder’s dream of an American democracy. The one they created is flawed and sadly fragile against the bad intentions of the Billionaires and their cronies. But, we have the foundation. We must give the middle a voice. We must be those that act in our and the nation’s best interests. Because it is now evident that the political parties and the Billionaires now running it, run it in their best interests only.
RC Romine
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