Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

By W.B. Dunne

The News Pauper begs everyones pardon for his slackery. It is merely the fact that he is B.R.O.K.E., as in poor, and has been forced to hustle like a bowery boy to heat his hearth and get a little in his stomach. I have not started to sell off my little sundries for scraps as of yet, but it is imminent. I am not alonea friend is surviving this crap by living in his car and calling a forty-dollar day scavenging for change on the street lucrative.

The News Pauper knows what is lucrativestealing an entire countrys wealth by rigging a Florida election and installing a president with the help of a crooked Supreme Courtthrow in the approbation of a lapdog media, and before we know it were starting a devastating illegal war, and terrorizing all of America and the world with torture and outright murder.

In the eyes of the NP, this is just the start.

The meme in the media is that Obama is simply blaming everything on Bush. There is much more to this than meets the eye. Everything that Obama does carries much more authority because he was actually in fact elected! The righty media have done all they can to question the legitimacy of Obamas presidencythey attempt to inflict the thousand cuts in any and every way they can. But, as is always the case with these asses, it is really a mass exercise in projection. This is all proof to the NP that they know that their guy was illegitimate, and that their entire platform is a farce.

There is a startling rumble in the ground that is guaranteed to knock the earth off its axis; it is called the collapse of the commercial real estate market. We proles will be taken out by the millions. The power grubbers have set it up to coincide with the midterms this fall. Any piece of news will be framed to blame the current administration. By October there will be such an astounding degree of misery in the streets that it will be a miracle if there are not widespread riots. I think that the increase of off-account militias and violent rhetoric spreaders like Beck and Limbaugh will present a particular problem to legitimate law enforcement because any action they take against these rebels will be distorted into a message that is already positionednamely, that Obama wants to disarm the populace and enslave them all.

It has always been the opinion of the NP that if one needs to know what the right is planning for our future, all that is necessary for one to do so is to look at what they are accusing the opposition of doing. If this is really the case, they have big plans indeed. One needs only to spend a minute or two with the purveyors of the propaganda to be greeted with the images of concentration camps, slavery, the complete abolition of the social gains of the twentieth century, and the spectre of the basics of humanity being reserved only for the rulers of us all.

There is a huge difference in scapegoating someone and attributing the blame to the responsible party. George Fucking Bush is the guy we need to rememberany and all attempts to rehabilitate the biggest failure in American history should and will be met with the same derision and mockery one would reserve for an admitted pedophile or unrepentant murdererbecause that is what he is. When we all face the reality that will befall us for his crass abuse of the presidency, the one that finally loosed the corporate wardogs upon his own peoplewhen we drown in the red ink that he left behindlet us all sing his praises then. Let us teach the slave children of the Corporate States of America to equate his memory with the boogeyman, because that is what he is.

God keep and bless this countryour enemies within sit in Congress and in the offices of the titans of industry. The reality is that the archetype Im describing only exists in the amalgam of the forces at work here. No individual will ever be found to have caused the mess we now are in, yet the ship is sinking just the same. There is always some slim hope that a miracle could happensome hero may emerge that captures the hearts and minds of the people and lives long enough to slip a message through that unleashes the imagination of the populace that the corporate whores always seem to want to nip in the bud. If it ever became known that they cant control us at all and that we are in fact in control of them, then TMZ would not be considered news by an entire generation.

Screw you Glenn Beck. You are the fraud of the new millennia. GFY Rush, your wake is littered with dead ideas and paved with pure unmitigated greed. The policy of disinformation and projection you created and adhered to, the fawning you demanded from your gullible listeners has coagulated the flow of vital truth to the fatal degree. What good are a bunch of zombies to your cause? To the NP, it is exactly like having the lover you desire lobotomized and kept for your pleasure. You and your ilk are the descendants of snakeoil salesmen and tent revival scammers. You motherfuckers are the intellectual Jeffery Dahmers of our time. The NP despises with all his heart the horror you have helped create, and will happily greet you in hell for all your offenses against the innocents of this world.

Its time to ingest more gruelthe NPs stomach grumbles.

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2010 W.B. Dunne. All Rights Reserved.


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Ana Grarian
14 years ago

As much as I would like to believe in a people’s revolution that would tumble the corporate power brokers, the people who are inclined toward action, exist at the outer edges of many conflicting factions. For an civil action to be effective it needs a core belief system that can provide a direction for the movement.

Ken Carman
14 years ago

“What good are a bunch of zombies to your cause?”

But zombies is all they want. They’d only be happy if Scrooge could once again insist not one more lump of coal, the middle class was no more and we were all fighting amongst ourselves. They are the progeny of the Loyalists amongst the upper class in the Revolutionary War, and Roosevelt’s economic royalists. While they act as if they are just common men and women, they really feel they are sons and daughters of privilege and the rest be damned.

RS Janes
14 years ago

Ken, the problem with zombies, aside from being dead both above and below the neck, is that their body parts keep falling off and they can’t speak or think very clearly. (Obviously, they are Republicans.) As we know from ‘liberal’ Hollywood productions, when the space alien ray, voodoo curse or whatever is activating the zombies ceases, they all drop dead again. (Of course, here I am exempting the ’60 rock band The Zombies and Rod Zombie, none of whom are actual zombies.) The GOP zombies aren’t a problem, as long as we have something other than spineless jellyfish opposing them. Unfortunately, legions of spineless jellyfish posing as Democrats have crept into office over the years and must be sent back to the sea from whence they came.

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