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One of the overused; much abused and downright wrong, uses of Occam’s Razor is the commonly held misconception that Razor can be simplified into “the simplest answer must be the right one.”

Not really, but I suppose “tends to be” might be closer to the truth.

Yet applying either to the behavior of the leaders of the two main political parties may provide an interesting result…

Every silly season us Demo-peasants complain that our leaders and too many of our pundits let Republicans roll over us. Included in the charge is their seeming inability to fire back when they get nasty; and even if they do the response is too professorial; too meek. On the other side of the aisle, 9 years later, Republican’s are drooling over a repeat of 94. Instead of learning from the last time the leaders of the Democratic Party seem to be doing exactly what they did last time: ignoring it; even though to get elected Republican leaders and pundits seem willing to saying anything. No matter how much of a lie, or how nasty it is. Obama is a “Kenyan socialist.” It’s a “victory mosque.” Obama is a “racist:” even sometimes while carrying signs, posting blogs, with images like this…


To rephrase what I typed: “Willing to do or say everything and anything.”

And if a cabbie gets his throat cut because getting people to fear and hate all Muslims is politically expedient? Well, that’s too damn bad.

Talk is already plentiful regarding a return to 1990s briar patch: investigate everything, all accusations no matter hour slanderous and absurd are fair game. Yawn. Nothing new. This same dynamic has existed for many years. I think LBJ may have been the last Dem pres. that knew how to hit back and even he bought into the domino nonsense that brought him down; or at least let it destroy his presidency. Gee, wonder who might have influenced that decision? Stay tuned. I’m guessing you’ll figure out what I think in short order.

So why does it seem we’re about to go through Groundhog’s Day again? The radio goes on and, instead of Sonny and Cher, we’ll hear about yet another Republican driven investigation wanting to know why the administration isn’t being forthcoming about mail the Obama’s dog gets, or… you choose. Joe Lieberman will join the lynch mob, as will a few Democrats hoping to to appear “fair.”

So is all this innocent: just part if their innate nature; a conspiracy of coincidences? What would they all have to agree to for this election year pattern to “innocently” repeat itself? Or could it be that we are only seeing the stage, but missing the puppeteers?

Let’s put on our tinfoil hats, boys and girls, and let’s par-tay!!! Which supposed “conspiracy” do you think more likely? Here’s only a little of what we have to buy into if we are to accept the first suggestion: a conspiracy of coincidences…

1. Almost all Dem leaders are clueless as how to lead their party unto victory.
2. Almost all clueless as how, and when, to hit back.
3. Almost all would rather lose than hit back hard.
4. Almost all willingly work together to make sure most Dem leaders behave like this.
5. Almost all Republicans know how to lead their party unto victory through whatever means they feel necessary.
6. Almost all know exactly how, and when, to hit back
7. Almost all are willing to win at all costs
8. Almost all are willing to act like sheep; behave as they are required by Rep. leadership.
9. Whatever teabaggers or small time book burning preachers do is the most important news at the time. The media is simply doing their job.
10. When something makes boatloads of money for big corporate interests they still veer towards what’s best, and what’s right for society: not just towards what makes them boatloads of money. They certainly never confuse the two. Neither advertising or donations have any effect on any of this.

And, remember, Democratic are naturally born with spines of Jello and always compromise only because of that Jello: not because they’re in cahoots with those who are hard asses with spines of steel, and those who offer big bucks. There’s absolutely nothing suspicious going on here.


All of the above is pure donkey and elephant crap. We are being played for suckers. The answer is rather simple: money and pressure from large corporate interests, and donors like Scaife and, to a far lesser extent, Soros, now own our political system.

Why would pundits. the media, Dems and Repubs follow such a trend?

Bucking it means loss of office or job: at best. Maybe prison under bogus charges. Maybe death.

To serve this purpose our leaders are intentionally pissing on their bases, lying to us to get elected then working together for the same goal, intentionally fumbling any inconvenient ball, compromising away any real “change” and pandering to extreme views to please these donors and corporate interests. The media and the pundits are simply following the money. Fascism is not only knocking on the door: our leaders and our courts have let it in. The Supremes may have shut the door behind this fascistic shitsm golem and intentionally locked it in the room.

Courtesy Kevin Smith’s

Now it’s your turn.

Which one do you think is more “Occam?”


Inspection is a column that has been written by Ken Carman for over 30 years. Inspection is dedicated to looking at odd angles, under all the rocks and into the unseen cracks and crevasses that constitute the issues and philosophical constructs of our day: places few think, or even dare, to venture.

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By Ken Carman

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