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Inspection-Who Gets to Decide?

 With obvious attempts by states to outright ban abortion, it’s time to review a rarely mentioned, but important point, about the debate.

by Ken Carman

 When it comes down to it abortion isn’t about taking life, or not. We have already agreed taking life is permissible, it’s just a matter of who, when, why and what kinds of life. Even those most adverse to taking life take life by their very existence: plant life, bugs we step on, etc. We don’t even decide by innocence, or not. How many babies, or the unborn, have been snuffed out by bombs or bullets during war?
 The abortion debate is really about who gets to decide. Read more

Inspection- Only a Wounded Society Needs Wounded Warriors

by Ken Carman

 This ISN’T about the organization Wounded Warriors, except they shouldn’t have to exist; Inspectionor any other organization that serves our soldiers when government should be serving them. Wars are something we decide via who we vote for, who we support, or who we allow to fool us into them.
 Society is responsible.
 Whether any war or conflict is right or wrong is beyond my point here. What party initiates action is beyond my point. The point is we should be responsible what we have done. Our representatives and those who fill their pockets should be even more responsible. Soldiers with no legs, with terminal conditions, with mental issues, who have a hard time fitting in because they saw so much, or were trained to be killers, shouldn’t be thrown to the begging for alms groups. No one should get rich off of this, or get any huge salary. Especially since corporations supposedly are “people.” Especially when they are allowed to use what the Court foolishly considers “speech” (money) to buy political votes, to advocate for putting our soldiers in harm’s way. Companies that profit off of war should be contributing via higher taxes to their care. Since as a business, as a charity, we can’t vote them out, they should owe more than those of us who may have never supported the war. Their bar of responsibility needs to be raised way above where it is right now: no responsibility at all. Read more

Inspection- Un-Spreading the Gospel of Hate

Living in a time when whole groups are targeted far too effectively: using hate as a religious, social and political tool, I thought I’d offer two true stories, one about a friend, the other about a teacher. Yes, they only belong to one of the many groups targeted. But they do represent how hate destroys good, especially when evil is enabled by hate-based theology, policies and politics.

InspectionGene Rice was a very upbeat person who brought out the best out in people. The best recording sessions I had were with Gene whether I was being put on tape, or at his side observing while I was also studying recording at Belmont. He worked with, and brought to the Nashville scene, many talented musicians and songwriters. Gene did everything from being the engineer for the first five Alabama albums to demos for those who worked Music Row with their songs. Gene was recommended to me by the owner of a recording studio in West Leyden, NY where I did some of my first recording sessions because my wife and I were thinking of moving to Nashville. He had bought Gene’s studio when Gene moved south. When we met Gene he was having dinner with Barry. If gay marriage had been legal in New York or Tennessee at the time they would have been husband and husband. Gene convinced us to move to Nashville. Read more

Inspection- Getting Shot for Shooting Off Your Mouth

“Conspiracy theory?” Yes, though as time passes and the patterns repeat closer Inspectionto fact than not. The national shootings, like another school shooting in Colorado, often pretty much require motives be covered. But otherwise…

 April was sliding towards an end here in Nashville and then there was… a MURDER!!! “A murder?” These days there seems to be a local murder or two every day, and not a lot of knowing why. Two people at a Mobil station were arguing. They went outside: still arguing. Then one shot the other. Why? Once upon a time journalists covered motives whether local or not, at least eventually. But given the lack of journalistic standards these days we may never know.
 Did Stand Your Ground help cause this? What were they arguing about? Was it politics? Is it any accident that since 2016 in Nashville one on one murder rates have exploded, yet motives are rarely, if ever, mentioned? Is it just incidental that this is not just some singular Nashville phenomenon? Do the motives line up with goals of the extreme right? How many murders have been inspired by what has spewed forth from Trump’s ever active, ever vicious, hate promoting, piehole? We already know nationwide and even overseas: more than a few. Read more

Inspection- No High Bar

Inspection You have to have heard so many times: the nonsense that the bar is very high for impeachment. You know: “High crimes and misdemeanors?”

“A criminal act that is less serious than a felony is considered to be a ‘misdemeanor.’ While specific laws vary by jurisdiction, misdemeanors generally include such acts as disturbing the peace, petty theft, drunk driving with no injury to others, public drunkenness, simple assault and battery, and traffic violations.”

 ”Traffic violations” a “high bar?”
 The conversation usually turns to spin: there has to be overwhelming evidence and obvious guilt. Essentially both assume guilt must be proven first before impeachment proceedings even start. No. NO. NO. Impeachment is where evidence is put forth and the president is tossed out if Congress votes to do so. An investigation no more proves guilt than those detectives necessarily proved you or I murdered someone. Both claims miss one hell of a big step either way. That’s what the Senate and the House are for, or if you or I were accused a court.
 Given the definition they really could impeach over a traffic violation, if they wanted to. Certainly not likely, at least for now. But even with impeachment it’s not like a regular court trial. Can they therefore sentence him to death or imprisonment? No. An impeachment tosses a president out of office: PERIOD. Anything in regard to punishment would most likely be done by a regular trial. This would be the norm, if there were any “norm” to this at all. Read more

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