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Inspection- Vote!

By Ken Carman

 I want you to vote. No matter whom you vote for. I won’t waste my time, your time, trying to convince you to vote for someone else. InspectionDon’t waste mine. You want to explain why you are voting for whomever? You want to explain why anyone shouldn’t vote for whomever? Fine. But no one has to agree. No one has to listen. No one has to read what you write. No, not even what I am typing right now.
 Vote for Trump. Vote for Biden. Vote for Bernie. Vote for Jo Jorgensen. Vote for Howie Hawkins. Vote for Alliteration Miteration.
 OK, I made that last Alliterative pun up for fun, but write Miteration in if you want. You can vote for Groucho Marx like I have on a rare occasion. My personal rule was I would do that when just one person was running; one person who had never bothered reaching out to voters so I had no idea who they were. Just reading their promo material won’t do. It’s like what a salesman claims when they’re trying to sell you a used car. Personally I don’t trust what candidates write; or have written, about themselves any more than I would accept what time share salesmen claim is gospel. So Groucho. My single write in might as well make someone laugh.
 You don’t have to use my reasons. Use your own reasoning. It’s YOUR vote. Read more

Inspection- Ruling Class Days, Prot Movie Moments

By Ken Carman

Inspection One of the great things about being in the Adirondacks is in either of our homes here we DON’T have Direct TV. TV is the great sucking machine: combining all the power and features of a Dyson, a wet vac, a Shark and an Electrolux. 99% of programming empties the mind. Fills it with unreal reality TV, absurd soap situations and game show; carnival barker-like, distractions.
 You may not be rich, but just hold still! If lighting strikes a million times, and you’re entertaining maybe even mostly mindless, you might get mildly rich… though nothing compared to billionaires. Certainly not as rich as those who get there via somewhat legal business scams. Unlike those of us who were in business who made enough to show a little profit as we brainstormed how to do even more for our customers, and hopefully society at the same time. Read more

Inspection- Folding the Space Between Us

                               Courtesy Brandon Young
During this autumn, this political season, I have decided for a few editions to… FALL… back on those less than political ones I so love to write. One of my favorite columnists was Sydney Harris; whose mission seemed to be to help you think out of the box. To help us think beyond ongoing societal angst, beyond dogma and beyond all too convenient talking points. I hope I have honored his memory with my less than political efforts like this.

 I just finished re-watching The Space Between Us, a movie panned by many armchair pundits, but a movie I dearly love. Despite the wrong headed criticism that the movie is soppy. They claim ‘soppy’ Inspectiondespite moments like when Tulsa: the very jaded love interest, slaps Gardner more than once. Say that despite the clash between him and a culture he doesn’t really understand, didn’t grow up in, only knows from movies and contact with astronauts. Perhaps they could have included the deleted scene where he gets mugged to satisfy the critics, though neither Millie nor I needed it.
 Hey, you want “soppy?” I KNOW “soppy.” The Hallmark Channel plays in my Nashville home more often than not, and it’s not me. But that’s OK. Sometimes “the space between us” is exactly what we need for a good relationship.
 Several pictures, taken just north of me right now at Golden Beach in the Adirondacks, had me thinking. Amazing photos… courtesy Brandon Young. Also used in a Facebook group I started.
 I love to think, to ponder, to question, to analyze. I admit that drove some of my former girlfriends crazy. Mrs. Carman too. Sorry, Millie. You still love me, right? How much? Specify.
 Yes, like a knight in armor I… jest. Read more

Inspection- Running on High Beams

Photo courteous

By Ken Carman

 Towing my boat to Stillwater Reservoir in the pitch blackness of an Adirondack night I realized I had forgotten to turn off my high beams. I realized that after just one car Inspectionpassed me out of the 15 plus miles I had to drive. In the midst of such an “oops” I also realized, over the years, I had increasingly stopped using high beams.
 Having lived in Tennessee since 1978, and even on tour, there’s always plenty of traffic, plenty of lights, including street lights. Tennessee nights are often more like dusk or dawn, even back on our rather isolated 28 acres. The moon shining through the humidity and the pollution creates a luminous haze. Fog from the Cumberland River obscures a lot some misty mornings and nights. You don’t even need to be near a river, lake or pond to feel lost in the mist. Dan Fogelberg loved Tennessee misty mornings. I did for a while, but eventually was unable to pierce through the murky air. The beauty of the night can’t find a place to be appreciated.
 They made me miss the Adirondack evenings when I’d ride to the middle of Twitchell Lake. I would lie back on my snowmobile seat and gaze up at a depth of stars I have seen almost nowhere else.
 I learned to drive in the Adirondacks, having bought my first car here for $25: a 61 Studebaker Lark. I bought Harvey when I was 15 and drove the private, rural, roads near Twitchell Lake. I even took my driver’s test here. I could get access to a car via a policeman: Uncle Daryl. Few curbs. No street lights. Parallel parking was behind one car, no car in back of me. Read more

Inspection- Election Warning

By Ken Carman

 I really, really hope I’m wrong. It would give me no greater pleasure to be wrong about this: that mail in votes sail through, Inspectionthat a loss is a loss, that going to the polls will be a cakewalk. I suspect voting for far too many will be almost as hard as making an actual cake walk. And considering the gun carry happy nature of some of those eager to ‘watch’ the polls for Trump, you may be risking your life.
 Why would I not be surprised if, just before election day, Barr and Trump start talking about Antifa and BLM threats to the poll stations?
 Despite the push for mail in voting, and understanding why in more normal times we should do it, I think we all need to go to the polls. Scratch that: we need to go to the polls election day supported by party paid for armed guards willing to defend, not only our vote, but our very lives when the Boogaloo, Prouds and other Stand Your Grounders, show up with semi-auto weapons. “Libtards” to kill. Non-cult member vermin to exterminate.
 Dear God on a dipstick I hope I’m wrong. No embarrassment if I am. I just have had this tendency to be able to see just how far people will go. When you live on the road as part of your job, and clients are unpredictable, you learn to game out worst scenarios ‘just in case.’ On a rare occasion I was right and therefore prepared. But no matter how horrific, how anti-Constitution, criminal; I keep under estimating Trump and his enablers. And I’m the guy who during discussions and debates has been told more than once, “Oh, common, Ken, they wouldn’t go THAT far.”
 That stopped not long after November 2016.
 Oh, yes, yes, DAMN it yes, they would: and worse.
 Side comment: anyone notice how some claim they get away with it because they do it out in the open? Maybe Butch Cassidy, Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson should have done that. No crime if out in the open, right?
 I do fear November, if not sooner, will be the start of a true war. Trump’s fully armed enablers will be out there; some claiming to be anti-Trump. Those trolls will incite, actually start, the violence that will give Blackwater, Homeland: Donald’s mercenaries the excuse they need for bullets to fly. And I don’t mean rubber.
 I have heard the right predict a new civil war, which would be ironic usage of the word ‘civil;’ since the usage more of us are familiar with is the opposite of ‘civil.’ Of course ‘Civil War” uses a different definition for ‘civil.’ Yet, with total breakdown inspired by Trump himself; due to his love for slathering everything with chaos, both usages of ‘civil’ seem oddly inappropriate.
 If any rule is not so secretly taken to heart by Trumpsters it’s, “We will stop at nothing.” Complete with, “But the other side…” strawmen they constantly push.
 The post office: you could almost hear the cheers when ‘we won’ because they stopped removing postboxes. But the untold story is when they switch to locking them instead of stealing them, what’s the dif? Even if bolt cutters would work you can be sure mailmen and women will be told not to pick up at select locations. You know, black? Hispanic? More leftward communities? If we go get the mail, by whatever means, and personally deliver the mail to the post office..
 Yes, we could be arrested. Some of this could get us murdered by his thugs. Fits the definition of, “Good trouble.” Charged with interfering with the mail when that is what we’re trying to stop.
 Nationwide the cruelty, perhaps even the slaughter, could make Portland look like a kiddie’s party.
 I know, I know, easier not to consider any of this. But if they are willing to go this far to hold on to Trump, what’s next?
 I promise: NONE of us want to find THAT out. COVID 2.0 might seem a minor inconvenience in comparison. Trumpsters will consider themselves more powerful than Dawn: 3X the cleansing power: cleansing the nation of those who dare disagree. Donnie will declare, “Some of them are good people.”

Inspection is a column that has been written by Ken Carman for over 40 years. Inspection is dedicated to looking at odd angles, under all the rocks, and into the unseen cracks and crevasses, that constitute the issues and philosophical constructs of our day: places few think, or even dare, to venture.
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