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Inspection- Santa Clones

 ”How do you progress as a culture if you set out to destroy any common agreement as to what constitutes fact? You can’t have conversations. You can’t have debates. You can’t come to conclusions.” -Andrew McCabe

  Essential to Jude Wanniski’s 3 Santa Claus Theory has been when InspectionRepublicans are in power they spend worse than drunken sailors on anything and everything their base wants. (And how do YOU like being standing in for Mexico who was supposed to pay for the wall, or being space-forced into militarizing space?) It’s amazing how Democrats let Republicans make presidents become their economic bitches because Republicans scream endlessly about the debt THEY CREATED by “spending worse than drunken sailors on anything and everything their base wants.” It’s also amazing how willingly Democrats kill their own Santas. And I don’t just mean when it comes to spending. Read more

Inspection- THREAT

 In many ways he’s everything Trump is NOT. And Andrew McCabe’s book, The Threat, is the opposite of everything Trump and his protectors say about books that don’t put Donald in a marvelous, saintly light. It’s methodical, not all about the president and certainly no “hit job.” Indeed not that much is about Donald Trump. He starts with what you have to Inspectiondo to even apply to be in the FBI. I know that all too well: right out of college I tried to apply. Among all one has to provide I had to know the exact date I started living at a location, and exact date I left. Having had multiple college apartments, lived with friends, lived with my soon to be wife’s parents, that was impossible. And I was just considering being a clerk, not an agent.
 Mr. McCabe talks about cases involving both Clintons and others that highlight procedure. He shows how they worked 9/11. While not getting so specific it would reveal sources, Mr. McCabe spends a lot of time explaining how the FBI works on their cases v. what other law enforcement agencies do. The purpose is obvious; to show how the Russian investigation wasn’t all that different and no “hit job” or all the other self serving claims Trump trumpets like a 6th grader who plays the trumpet so poorly he’s kicked out of the band.
 So far we don’t have that option. Read more

Inspection- Un-Redacting the Redactor

Courtesy Daily Kos

 You know what this is all about, right? Take money away from special Olympics, Inspectioninvestigate Barack, re, re, re, re-investigate Hillary, kill the ACA, yada, yada, many more “yadas…” it’s all about creating distractions after the attempt to replace the Mueller Report with the whitewash Barr Report flopped like a dead fish on the deck of the ship of state. If the administration has any true, unquestionable, talent it’s making a lot of nasty noise in an attempt to distract from their usual passing of gas in public… while smirking about it at the same time and claiming, “No, we didn’t do that. How dare you even suggest what’s obviously true is true?”
 Like we all know the head redactor is determined to redact anything that doesn’t put their presidential deity in a good light. Why is it I have the feeling in my gut that if we do get to see the report, as is claimed, it will be 99% black?
 We shall see: maybe. Read more

Inspection- Of Nashville News and the Nation


2017, Nashville, Tennessee and the Nation– Advocates demanded more guns in more places as a solution to gun violence.

Nashville, Tennessee, March 20th– Following a long national trend the city council Inspection recently announced what is being called ‘incentives’ for Amazon to set up shop in Nashville. These incentives amount to $500 per hired employee. The unasked question: “Exactly how does this qualify as, ‘free’ enterprise, or the wonders of capitalism? Maybe fascism with a capitalistic facade?”

And Now Our Repetitive Feature: “Never in the News!”– Companies like Trump Co put out the cheese and starving, freedom seeking mice cross the border get the blame, have children taken from them, companies get the profit. Of course a wall will ‘solve all.’ Wait, do we see the cheese being put in the trap again? Read more

Inspection- Grave

 One of the reasons I love to write: sometimes I find more fact in fiction than invective and rants supposedly express ‘truth.’

  Once upon a nightmare there was a leader of a country who prepared the biggest Inspectiongrave ever for all who opposed him. He, his associates and his supporters kept making the grave bigger and wider. They even threw some of their former supporters and associates into the grave because they dared to criticize some actions, some behavior. Of course reporters who displeased him were shoved in, as well as inconvenient politicians. He sought help from anyone, any group no matter how vile or villainous, who would encourage those already in the grave to turn on each other. He cheered them on as they marched through the streets insulting all who weren’t them. When they perpetrated horrible acts he was slow, at best, meek and weak at condemning their blood drenched behavior, if he did at all.
 Of course those who mostly agreed with the leader who objected to his methods, or thought they should follow what was left of rule of law, were pushed in too. Read more

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