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Inspection- The Boy Who Cried “You’re Trying to SHAME Me!”

Subtitle: Shame on Ewe

Be aware, this talking point may become even more of an important part of social/political discourse this election season.

By Ken Carman

 Tis a curious claim, at best. Made even more curious when used by some progressives and the right. Makes you wonder how many are actually trolls using the same talking points, or at least not understanding how much they Inspectionact like those they claim to loathe.
 On the right we had New York Police Benevolent Association President Mike O’Meara who claimed we are trying “to shame” police. Shame them into stop shooting people, especially targeting blacks. Shame police into understanding why holding someone’s knee down on a neck for over 8 minutes until they DIE is beyond wrong. Shame them into behaving as if they deserve the respect they get. Stop stopping and killing people driving while black, selling cigarettes while black, passing a bogus bill he probably had no idea was counterfeit. Stop defending execution by police.
 Almost at the same time, supposedly on the left, “Stop trying to shame us into voting for Joe Biden!”
 But I can’t ‘shame’ you. Read more

Inspection- Rhetorical Bear Traps

By Ken Carman

 All too often, I swear, the left really sucks at catch phrasing. You know it sucks when they spend more than a week explaining what they mean by phrasing like, “Defund the Inspectionpolice!” Or variations on ending the police. These attempts remind me of electrical cords. Ever put two together loose in the same box? Removed later it can be like they are mating: all tangled into knots.
 Is that how electrical cords reproduce? It may be how bad talking points are born. Toss too nuanced words into the national dialogue and they tie us up into knots, as the train of ever inane political discourse runs us over.
 Humor and graphic images aside, compare phrases like that to, “All lives matter,” or “Pro-life!” Stupidly simple. Stupid in their idiocy. But think of them like the quote from Star WarsRead more

Inspection- Facebook ‘Debates’

Tired of COVID back and forth? Find what’s happening on the both protest fronts no longer a … riot? Here’s something few ever discuss…

By Ken Carman

 I have stated for a long time that Facebook doth not serve debate well, if at all. It does serve snark, bullies, ad hominem and Inspectionsome of the worst tendencies of humans to avoid actual communication. Can someone tell me the last time anyone was convinced of anything by being called a “Nazi,” or a “libtard?” For those with even an ounce of conscience, the satisfaction felt after doing so, IF ANY, ignores the fact that that behavior actually…
 …inspired more hate.
 Made people double down.
 Increased the divide.
Twitter may be worse, but I don’t know that. I really try to avoid Twitter for that very reason: seems to be home to even more… twit… behavior.
 In the past 30 plus years discussion has broken down due to framing and base politics. All you have to do is watch some of the old episodes of Firing Line, even better go back and read a Lincoln/Douglas debate: see how far down the no communication, simplistic mumbo jumbo, nasty hole to Hell we have fallen. When it comes to the net I would love to see a return to something more like a format I participated in for years: a debate site called Volconvo. At its best Volconvo had rules. You broke them you could be warned, could be blocked for a short period of time, or just kicked off.
 Rules… Read more

Inspection- 1984 Again: Down the Trump-ian Memory Hole

By Ken Carman

 ”Trump-ian memory hole?”
 Well, that brings up an image I would rather forget.
Inspection Eric Trump predicted COVID will magically go away and disappear after the election. HE MAY BE RIGHT. Of course it will still be here. But his father certainly has inspired his base, and more than a few of his fellow Republican politicians, to start shoving facts down the memory hole. Even to the point of enforcing political correctness by humiliating a nurse on national TV because she very mildly stated that they had had some problems getting necessary PPE.
 Helping him is the worst of his Flavor Aid swilling rabble. Those who like to run over counter protesters, assault them at rallies, threaten hospitals, threaten public buildings. Threaten those who won’t go along with his politically correct spin. Using enforcers, like those fake patriots who pretend to dress up as if they’re patriots; armed with assault rifles, rocket or grenade launcher. Forcing their way into businesses, government offices and beaches. By now you should know Trump Co and enablers will do what they can to suppress anything: even any stats that don’t make Trump look good. You know they will stop at nothing. You know his goosestepping lemmings will use social media to enable all that. Read more

Inspection- “For Political Reasons”

By Ken Carman

 Re: Trump’s recent comment that his critics over COVID were doing it “for political reasons.” Let’s start with the politicians. How horrible! InspectionHow treacherous! How unusual! POLiticians do things for “POLitical reasons?” SHOCKING! Of course Mr. Trump, innocent as a baby he is, would NEVER…
 Snark aside the assumption behind this all too often spewed catch phrase is that there are no other reasons: an all to politically convenient assumption that has the quality of what comes out of the south end of a diuretic horse headed north. Examining President Trump’s claim: critics who want to keep America in lockdown longer are doing it merely for political reasons is even more laughable. Are there no more infections from COVID, or very few? Is COVID no more than a typical flu? Is there a lack reasonable reasons to extend lockdowns?
 Uh, the answer to these questions are all a huge “NO” that could be said in unison by experts of various political persuasions who are NOT politicians. Any honest person answering after observing statistics, evidence, etc would join in with a loud, “NO.”
 But Trump seems to have no interest actual feedback from experts or honest assessments, except getting sadistic pleasure out of making them walk the plank if they don’t parrot him. Hell, he tried to do that to a nurse during one of his dog and pony shows featuring nurses when one said they had had some trouble getting PPE, but they were doing OK now. How rotten of a human being does someone have to be to want to embarrass a professional who has made such a mild statement on national TV?
 Anyone with eyes and ears who has watched him, who has listened, already knows the rot in his rotten is as vile as that of a rabid possum left out on a hot Louisiana summer sun. Maybe far worse.
 So it can’t be true that any of Trump’s ‘observations’ are made for political reasons, can it? So it can’t be true that his sudden “Obamagate” claims that include his opponent just a few months before an election are politically motivated? Read more

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