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Inspection- Control FREAKY!

Of course there’s a political/social aspect to this, dear readers, I’ll get there. I know: I meander sometimes. Makes writing a joy and I love discovering the connections between seemingly different topics.

 Am I a control freak? I’ve never considered myself to be one. I can’t remember the topic, but I was in Union, Maine visiting my Aunt Arley many years ago (God, that was at least 15 years ago? Wow.) and my cousin Kate was there. We were weeding the garden of “some” Inspectionfamous Maine garden author with the same name: Arley Carman Clark, and something I said had Kate responding, “And control is very important to you, isn’t it?” I responded that I had never thought so. Yet, like so many things, it created an ongoing inner discussion and self examination.
 I consider that healthy, though there’s an unhealthy aspect to it: I admit I tend to obsess from time to time about things I can’t forget. As some wife named ‘Millie’ once pointed out; I will probably never know the why, the how.
 I suppose we all have control issues. Read more

Inspection- Ellis Schmellis

by Ken Carman

 There are times I watch the actions of others and wonder, “Something stinks here. Why isn’t anyone seeing the obvious? Am I missing something? I hope so because otherwise it sure seems they are.”
 There has been a lot of speculation about Judge T. S. Ellis, no relation to T.S. Elliot, in the Manafort trial. In fact what T.S. Elliot was to masterful poetry T.S. Ellis is to unprofessional judging. And, Inspectionoh, ALL the excuses! He’s “just like that.” (Then he shouldn’t be a judge.) He’s tough. (“Tough” is OK, prejudicial jerk isn’t.) He’s got a huge 8×8 up his…OK, I made the last one up, but not that inaccurate when it comes to describing his behavior and attitude: like badgering the prosecution with just plain weird stuff: “a tear in his eye.”
 Ellis should hold himself in contempt.
 By the way, so what if the prosecutor did have a tear? What the hell has that got to do with anything except joyfully splurting verbal jizum all over the court room? Seems pretty obvious he’s a judge with an agenda no judge should have. What would that agenda be? Read more

Inspection- Historical Blindness

by Ken Carman

 The Facebook OP (original post) was a comment on the hypocrisy of the right not caring about Trump sexual misadventures. The snapback: if Democrats hadn’t freed “slick Willy,” had gone after Kennedy…
Inspection Except that’s not what happened.
 I think there is an unfortunate tendency for partisans to rely on historical blindness. Historical accuracy is crucial to any truly honest discussion, crucial to good policy making and crucial to our future.
 History matters.
 Let’s start by separating ourselves for a moment from the Kennedy, Clinton, Trump kerfuffle. The very nature of the war and the enemy in WWII explains Hiroshima. Note: I did not type “justified.” I’ll leave that to those who argue either way. I have a different point to make. Read more

Inspection- No, They Don’t Want to “Be Your Neighbor”

by Ken Carman

 I was heading home after my daily trip to swim, fly, dog paddle, skydive… OK, “surf,” the internet; an old cliché that never made much sense to begin with. Getting the net here can Inspectionbe tough, so I either go over the hill to Inlet or Old Forge, NY. This time it was Old Forge. Driving through downtown Old Forge I passed fabulous Strand Theater owned by Helen and Bob.

 ”Hmm, I have extra time. Why not go to the movies?”

  Under $10 for even 3D, surrounded by movie memorabilia? “Why not?” indeed. But you might be surprised by what I watched: Be My Neighbor. Read more

Inspection- PC GOP

by Ken Carman

 No matter what you think about the Russia kerfuffle one thing is obvious: before the election pretty much all Republicans running; Conservatives and Republicans in general, were no Inspectionway this Russia friendly, this interested in skewing foreign relations away from and insulting traditional allies, all while cuddling up to Putin. Yes, there was a subset that claimed to be right wingers and swooned like sex addicts at a gay night club over the world’s top oligarch, especially when his shirt was off. Not really all that many.
 Imagine the reaction from them if Barack Obama went behind closed doors with Putin like he was a married man having an illicit affair? I suppose some of this could be explained by “trust,” even if just the slogan “Trust Trump” wasn’t such a laughable, provable, oxymoron. (Trump Steaks, Trump U., not paying employees, constant shifting of talking points, bonking Russian porcupines… wait, I kind of made that last one up. Maybe. Who knows for sure? Quill… never know for sure.)
 But this isn’t about Russia, nor Putin. Read more

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