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Inspection- One Hell of a Climb

by Ken Carman

Inspection I was going to write about Moore, Trump, Conyers, Franken, Franks… to be… FRANKS… but I think almost everything I wanted to say has been said, and everything I deeply disagree with has been said too. While Alabama votes today, the left, the right, women, men rage, progressives have once again mostly slept through something they keep shrugging off. Not all, for sure. But most would rather blame Hillary, a few blame Bernie… though that’s more 3rd way Dems for sure… blame racists, blame voters for not coming out to the polls, though over our 200 plus years that number has increased, back pedaled a little, then increased more.
 Then yesterday, on The Thom Hartmann Show, it was mentioned that, once again, those who control how and when we vote are pushing tactics that can make damn sure it’s likely your vote won’t count, if you’re not one of them. Example given: the Alabama ballot has two spots on top where you can check vote straight Republican, or vote straight Democrat. However if you check that then also check Moore or Jones your vote is thrown away. Read more

Inspection- An Open Letter to the Republican Party

 A suggestion: post a link to this, or send it, to your Republican friends.

by Ken Carman

Inspection Before I start let me explain I’m not just another pundit seeking your total demise, or pretending to “care” about your party, give you fake “good” advice. In fact I tend to find that offensive when pundits like Limbaugh and Maddow attempt to do it. Why should the left or the right accept anything like that without at least some healthy skepticism?
 They shouldn’t. And I would be disappointed if you responded that way to my suggestions.
 What are my credentials? Read more

Inspection- The Rock on Which I Stand

Another brief break from politics and social issues.
 November 22, 2017: my mother died 49 years ago today. I must admit I was so young I hardly remember her, but I can still give thanks. I’ve written this before. Being a topic I love, I’m sure I will return to it again and again. Consider it a “review,” a new take on an old topic, or maybe I’m just still learning to swim…

by Ken Carman

Inspection When parents die feeling alone: swimming in a more empty, endless, sea, is not unexpected…
  I know Chip Kiefer from school, and performing in Old Forge for over 10 years. It’s been a tough year for the Kiefer family. Early this year Chip’s mother passed. I’m not sure if I ever met June Kiefer; if I did it was briefly. I’ve met Charles Kiefer: incredibly nice man. About a month ago Charlie passed too, so I understand some of my emotions there even though I didn’t know him all that well either. Yet, even when I heard about June, to quote a Fogelberg song, “I felt that old familiar pain.” Maybe it’s just me thinking of my friend and understanding this is something we all go through, at least until we escape through that final tunnel headed somewhere, anywhere… We find out when we get there. Read more

Inspection- On Being Too Cocky

by Ken Carman

 The Virginia and New Jersey victories were certainly welcome. But let’s not get cocky: historically that has screwed us damn near every time. Election fraud makes this even worse because even if those who are Inspection who are cocky are right it throws a wild card into the mix: as in it becomes more a matter how successful they are which can only be countered by how vigilant we are. “Vigilant” rather than, well, “cocky.”
 My guess is these victories were actually a hell of a lot bigger. Hillary Clinton, who certainly didn’t excite a good portion of the base, still got damn near 3 million more votes. I suspect many winning “rugs” made out of electoral margins that have been pulled out from underneath us over the years were larger. Because the drive to shove large portions of any group that votes in politically incorrect way for the Reich is ongoing we need to focus. Read more

Inspection- Has the Carnage Stopped Yet?

“The carnage stops here!”

by Ken Carman

 Apparently not. I started writing this a week ago. How many shootings has it been since then?
 Verbose, as always, why is it Trump’s promises always seem to turn out exactly the opposite of what Trump claims?Inspection There’s a pattern here that can’t be rationally denied; “a pattern” of doing and saying whatever he must to inspire fear, yes, but also offering solutions to problems that make those problems worse, followed by even worse “solutions.”
 This dynamic goes way beyond; and before, Donald Trump. More on that in a moment. Read more

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