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Inspection- The Train to Vote Auschwitz

 Like most of us I am willing to wait for the Mueller report. But no matter how much Russians interfered, or not, Donald Trump would not be in office if not for The Train to Vote Auschwitz
The Train to Vote Auschwitz started heading down the tracks long before 2016. By 2016 all those who helped lay the tracks, fuel that train, had taken this vote extermination Inspectiontrain from a time when people like future Justice Rehnquist challenged possible politically incorrect voters in precincts to today when just having a handful of close states affected by election fraud tactics means winning no matter how much the popular vote indicates that’s not what the people want. And that popular vote is only the start: far more voters were kicked off the rolls than Trump’s slim margins in those states that provided a College only victory suggest. These states had been so Crosschecked or Exact Matched, voter purged, polling hours limited, defective machine dominated in select areas it’s doubtful any single challenger would have changed that.
 Meanwhile those whose votes have been targeted to ride The Train to Vote Auschwitz argue and accuse each other of causing the loss instead of working together to do all they can, advocate all they can, to shut the train down. The situation has been dire for a long time, and the more time passes the harder it will be to stop The Train to Vote Auschwitz. Read more

Inspection- Hyper Partisan Agents of Our Own Demise

 These days I have more leeway writing Inspection. Less deadline focused, for various reasons, I have so many I probably will never submit. Like the edition I had Inspectionplanned for this week. Yes, this has a lot to do with politics and social discourse today, but I will also keep it far less partisan because I think it’s an observation people of all persuasions might consider.
 Otherwise I’m just preaching to an out of tune choir, as I admit sometimes I do far too much. When one can’t see beyond one’s own perspective what we often get is useless horrific dissonance. I understand I might change no minds, just give some folks something to think about. I.m OK with that: sometimes I think those columns might be my best.
 The title of the column was The Dangers of Hyper Partisanism. It eventually changed so much I changed that title to something else. Read more

Inspection- Monica IS a Reason for Impeachment

 I love the twists and turns right wingers go through that supposedly provide reasons NOT to impeach, to justify, to marginalize, to act as if this is all normal. Does anyone think if the coin was flipped and they had this much going on with a Dem in office they wouldn’t have been Inspectioninto impeachment long before this?
 When the villagers went after Frankenstein they were kinder than today’s right wing has been, or would be. They know all about how to do a REAL “high tech lynching.” After how many years of E-gate and Benghazi Follies right up to the election this much is obvious.
 Life under Trump reminds me of a Palisades Amusement Park ride called the Wild Mouse. It took 90 degree turns at high speeds, flipped around and around. Only this ride is more frightening, propelled by pure bull pucky and there’s no safety bar. Well, maybe one being demanded for he who gleefully keeps the ride beyond full speed. Trump is a one man evil carnival, as in Something Wicked This Way Comes. He is one of the goblins in Dean Koontz’s Twilight Eyes. Read more

Inspection- Common Ground: Fundamentalists and Trump

 I hear it all the time: one of THE questions when it comes to Donald Trump, “How can Christians support him?” Well, if you’re asking about mainstream Christians like Methodists, Congregationalists, northern Baptists and other moderate to Inspectionliberal branches of a tree one could call called “Christian:” good question. I suspect “not many” applies. But once we get into fundamentalists; especially the most extreme, the answer is easy. Trump is their Constantine.
 Constantine was responsible for handing the Roman Empire over to those who were once considered just a heretical movement within Judaism, and were viewed as a threat to Roman rule because they preached a message Romans authorities thought meant a violent overthrow of the Empire. It was a serious misreading of his ministry and the movement called Christianity. The conversion to Christianity of the Empire was enabled by Edict of Milan which declared tolerance as the new policy. Constantine helped with that. But Constantine really deserves almost all the credit for the “handing over.” Yet for most of his life Constantine was no devoted follower of Jesus. Constantine was a pagan. Eventually he did ‘study,’ somewhat like an apprentice, the faith as what they called a “catechumen.” Constantine converted on his death bed.
 So I understand my analogy here isn’t going to be perfect. No analogy ever is. Read more

Inspection- Of MF Comments and Right Wing PC Lectures

 One thing Trump v. the harshness of Rashida Tlaib’s MF language proves is the right has no exclusive right to not being offended by what they deem to be political incorrectness. I agree with Nancy Pelosi: while I wouldn’t used the language she used if I had her position; probably generational-based reluctance, the MF impeachment comment isn’t any worse than many of the things Trump has said. For example we have Trump while he was running inspiring his base to use second amendment solution if he loses, and then as president encouraging the same base to get violent if he’s held accountable for anything. I don’t know about you but encouraging mass murder via his supporters is a LOT more offensive than “impeach the MF.” Inspection
 This is all part of the way social and political discourse has been headed since at least when Cheney openly told others in public to F off and shot a fellow Republican then tried to force him to apologize. (“Free speech, yeah!!!!”) And considering the past 30 plus years the right isn’t just living in a glass house prone to thrown rocks: they are naked in front of a big firing squad with a giant target they painted on themselves.
 No, that comment is threat to no one. It’s a METAPHOR. DUH! Read more

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