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Inspection- Boogeyman Prose Posing as Journalism

 I’m not going to provide links, or names. I have no desire to encourage clicks or promote what doesn’t even rise to the low bar offered by BAD journalism. Use Mr. Google.

By Ken Carman

 ”How can we scare people about the incoming administration?” they ask themselves. Well, here’s one way to start…
 Did you think the troublemakers were going away? Silly you.
 It’s as if someone had Xeroxed the concept. Find an adviser, among many, and write an article that frames that as if that adviser will be the ONLY one making all decisions for Joe. Inspection One decision: that COVID vaccines go out to the rest of the world FIRST. The other: irresponsible corporate behavior will be tolerated, like dumping toxic chemicals that go into making the current form of Teflon.
 One advisor advised DuPont; among many, when they made some very questionable corporate decisions: something they have a long history of doing, long before Teflon I flaked off into our food.
 One advisor made the suggestion that the world get any COVID vaccine when it is ready. Not saying ONLY the world, and not us. But that’s how it was framed. Read more

Inspection- STOP!


By Ken Carman

 We should have known when he and his closest: blood related, advisors decided to send a shill over to destroy the post office when it Inspectionwas so obvious the intent was to wreck the PO and voting via mail in the time of COVID. After all, if it was so bad it would self destruct, right? Increase security on the receiving end if he was so concerned, not kneecap the nation’s mail service. A service in the Constitution.
 We should have known when he kept downplaying COVID once he and his blood related advisors found out it hits blacks more than others: a constituency that tends not to vote for him.
 We should have known when any result except him being reelected would supposedly mean it was stolen. Making, and hinting, at these kinds of claims LONG before the first vote was cast in BOTH elections he ran in.
 We should have known that any behavior that came even light years away from close to this by a candidate of the other major party was something they wouldn’t tolerate, like back in 2000. Read more

Inspection- The Republican Goalpost Run Heading Towards 1 Party Rule and Ken’s Impossible, Fantasy, 2nd Trump Term


By Ken Carman

 I have been writing for quite a while now that I believe the extreme right wing Republican’s goal has been 1 party rule, with at best a 2 party façade. Especially as they increasingly steered their ship towards the ends justifies the means politics. Garland v. Barrett may be one of the most perfect examples of what I am referring to here.
 Meanwhile the right frames any attempt to increase the number of justices as “packing the Court.” Actually it would be UNPACKING. After refusing to even bring a nomination up for debate or discussion for almost a whole year because “the voters should decide,” then ramming another through at the last moment refusing the “let the voters decide” as they insisted the first time. Not “almost a year.” In the last moments before an election. To claim correcting that act as “packing” is, at best, laughable. Read more

Inspection- Night of the Mentally Dead

One ‘anonymous’ poll watcher. Courtesy

As Halloween approaches on a frightful gale. Dear Readers I offer up a scary, spooky, tongue in cheek-ish tale.



By Ken Carman

 Halloween Eve 2020; like a blight, with much fear and anticipation, Barr approved right wing terrorists arrive early that night at upcoming poll stations. We know what they’re up to, right? Armed militia-types paid and prepared to kill or fight. Some say to stop voters not voting the politically correct, Trumpian, way.
 HEY! Do you think our anti-anti-anti-heroes will save their deity? Stay tuned Gabby and Gus! This story will be-eity the death of us!
 Mean-wal-er, what we didn’t notice was these “poll watchers” had a ‘haler’ of an odd, pale, pallor. COVID III and IV have been adding an extra spooky boo to these Proud Boys, militia goys and Boogaloos. Read more

Inspection- “They Have Made Their Ruling…”

Pence ‘debating’ on the fly

Inspection Last night’s debate annoyed me, though not as much as the previous Trump/Biden debate. A yell fest? No thanks. No: not the fly. But God does seem to be sending us messages: over and over. All Trump’s dangerous COVID nonsense? What does he get?

By Ken Carman

The focus on the economy? CRASH. Now the return of The Fly. Jeff Goldblum must be jealous. This political-based sequel was more entertaining, and a hell of a lot more funny, than his version of the movie. And what are flies attracted too? Anything spewing out of the VP’s mouth, perhaps?
 What they laughingly call “debates” have become increasingly worthless ever since they abandoned the League running them and let, basically, the parties run their own debates. There’s really no debate to them. If it were up to me: a mute button. No matter who talks over the time, who ignores the question asked, the moderator not too slowly says, “WARNING! 1… 2… 3… (Mute.)
 As much as the talk over, ignore the moderator and continue on tactic bothers me, what bothers me just as much is question is question ignored. Often to spew some cheap, BS, political counter point.
 However, I agree with Michael Steele: Pence did what he came to do. He came to be slimy, slippery. He was slimy and slippery. He came to pushed the “who cares what the moderator says” tactic. He pushed it. Pushed it to the point they should have stopped the debate and had stagehands toss him off the stage. But more than anything Pence came to muddy the waters at least a little for any voters with even an ounce of doubt how horrible the administration is. Oh, and he came to act marginally more sane. He did all of these.
 But the most annoying part, at least for me, was the accusation that Democrats were going to pack the court. Really? Harris should have responded with, “OH! You mean what you, Mitch and the president have been doing?”
 Though some of her responses were good, this one was weak.
 So, what about the Court? Read more

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