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Inspection- Suicide in the Political Wild West

by Ken Carman

 Up until now Democrats have reminded me of Albert Stark in A Million Ways to Die in the West who tried to avoid a gunfight no matter how cowardly his behavior was. Or maybe just some absurd version of what was always a failed cliché: two gunslingers facing each other off, one with a banana instead of a revolver, the other who delights in making the banana guy dance to the tune of Inspectionbullets.
 Such was the nature of confrontations between Republicans; those who dare call themselves “Conservative,” and most Democrats, even some progressives. And some of the dances are so counterproductive, idiotic, unnecessary that such success on the part of those with the actual gun only encourages them shooting more rhetorical bullets. Yet dance Dem leadership did anyway, thinking not confronting, not making them dance too, is a win. It just gives them more power and emboldens them. Read more

Inspection- I Know Trump Well

Getting rid of Trump won’t be as easy as say removing that shovel. Not only because of court packing and those willing to do violence in his name, but there has always been a certain amount of Trump mindset in America. And some of that is in the business community.


by Ken Carman

 As a kid I lived near NYC and was in and out of the city because my father worked on Park. Back then I heard more about Fred, very little about Donald. Nothing good. After I moved away I heard stories about Donnie from old friends, both in the city and barely outside. But I mostly knew him as a guy who did cameos: bad ones. Honestly. The guy can’t act. He can lie, but he can’t act. Hell, he doesn’t even lie well. I tend to believe what a judge said about him: he doesn’t know truth from fiction. He just says whatever is convenient at the moment.
 I’ve never met him. But still: I know him. Read more

Inspection- Constitutional Conundrum

 IF we lose the presidency none of this may matter. Welcome to Trumpainia. If anything could achieve that well placed election fraud can. They’re getting REAL good at it, and the Don has been busy trying to reinforce it with… wait for it… foreign interference? Well, it’s like they’ve never, ever tried THAT gambit, before!!!
 IF we do regain the presidency I think we need to think this through. To overcome all that’s been done we may need even more presidential powers to do so. The next president may have to push harder on the limits of presidential power than even Trump to get us back Inspectionto some semblance of rule of law. The most deplorable of his base isn’t going away, Sorry. Not happening. And

by Ken Carman

what is laughingly called their “news” sources will triple down. And they will get violent, another reason the new president may need those powers.
 An under estimation.
 Yet hasn’t this been the source of so many of our problems? The history of our nation has been one of presidents grabbing more and more power. If we just go to more recent history, Korea, Nam should never have happened. They were called conflicts and other euphemisms so it SEEMED we still were operating within the Constitution. The president doesn’t declare war.
 Ask any grunt who was sloshing through the swamps, crawled through tunnels, were medics in Korea. IT WAS ALL ‘WAR.’ Read more

Inspection- ‘News’ Clown Car in SPACE!

by Ken Carman

 CliffNotes for on the hour ‘news…’
 Shooting in Seattle… 30 seconds at best.
Inspection Debate…. 30 seconds at best.
 Felicity Huffman.
 Felicity Huffman.
 Felicity Huffman.
 Felicity Huffman.
 3-4 minutes, minimum. Probably more.
 To be more accurate I needed to type ‘Felicity’ many more times but those microscopic carps in my tunnels started to protest. One of God’s tiniest miracles he gives to us old folks: itsy bitsy inside our fingers fish.
 Old man jokes aside, there really is very little that qualifies as ‘news media’ these days, thanks to the deregulation of the media so long ago. CNN maybe, occasionally, but Trump hates them so I’d better obey or he and his cultists will start calling me a names. I’m SO scccccccccccccaaaarrreeedddddd! Read more

Inspection- Don’t Blame Trump

Sic semper tyrannis,” Booth cried.

by Ken Carman

 I should have entitled this, “Don’t JUST Blame Trump,” but got your attention, eh? Chuckle.
Inspection Trump…
 Horrific? Yes. Out of control? Yes. Guilty of crimes beyond impeachable? Yes. The singular sole source of this evil? NO. Not even close.
 Donald Trump and Bill Barr may seem like an evil comedy routine to some: the Laurel and Hardy of politics, only Hardy, played by Barr, was never that smart and duplicitous legally, therefore so evil. Laurel was funny in his cluelessness, never like a spoiled, arrogant brat who must have everything HIS way.
 Barr is probably the ‘best’ hire Trump has done in his pathetic, self centered life: when it comes to letting political criminals escape consequences Barr has experience plus. But Barr, Trump and Republicans couldn’t have become this wrecking ball without all that went before.
 How dare I type any of that? Read more

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