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Inspection- Starr of a TRUE Presidential Immorality Play: 2020

by Ken Carman

 The appointment of Trump’s defense team is telling. Pam Bondi who could have, and should have, pursued Trump for Floridian’s outrage over Trump U and many other things, traded legal ethics for political favor and an appointment. Trump got what he wanted to: not to be prosecuted, Bondi got more power and influence. Then we have defender of the infamous and headline chaser Alan InspectionDershowitz. He gives ambulance chasing lawyers a good name. And, of course we have the subject of this edition: flash from the past Mr. “I’m More Moral Than Everyone Else” in the 90s, Ken Starr. Or should I have typed “flasher?” He always did seem to me to be like the legalistic version of the guy in the park, “Look what a big high morals %$#! I have!”
 I feel shame for sharing a first name with a legal partisan hack like Ken Starr. Many of you may remember him coming out weekly and framing himself as a defender of higher presidential morality: the prosecutor for the impeachment of Bill Clinton. Every week the head inquisitor came out trying to fake sincerity and humbleness: constantly falling flat on his own overly self righteous sword. Most of the country saw him for the empty moral suit he really was, at best. By accepting this position he’s proving that judgement.
 If the trial were to go beyond the backseat quickie rape with Lady Justice Moscow Mitch wants: and it certainly looks like it won’t…
 If his plan to immediately bury the whole thing fails…
 Once again Starr will be slipping and sliding out in front of cameras like the maggot at the bottom of the legal garbage can he is; slip out to parade his sliminess in front of the camera just like he did during the Clinton impeachment. Read more

Inspection- Election 2020: a Warning

 Or, “Suspicion IS warranted.” Not saying this will absolutely happen, just seems beyond likely to me. I am saying checking into it makes sense then doing what you think you might have to do.

by Ken Carman

 Real ID was a 2005 law, but there has been a lot of talk about it in some states, especially red ones. Could be innocent. I suspect NOT.
Inspection I must admit there is a slight edge of paranoia and suspicion to my personality. I have always been able to either dismiss most of the vile fungus that sprouts from that trait. Mostly I just keep it down to a lingering, conscience tingling, state of, “Well MAYBE…” Because, unfortunately, it has served me all too well so many times. When I just ignore it is usually when worse happens.
 I find this one an all brainer. I resisted using “no brainer” because Democrats not using their brains; or at not least acting on the obvious, is why we keep getting caught up in election fraud tactics.
  Good rule: if they can get away with eliminating voters who tend not to vote their way the right will seek out and implement multiple ways to do it in any state they dominate all across the country. Most of it based on the hordes of illegal voters voting conspiracy theory they have no proof of. This year we need to make sure we brainstorm what new tactics they will use. This is my first offering. Read more

Inspection- An Intentional Smorgasbord of Stupidity, Ignorance and Idiocracy

 If Jesus had had the news media we have today, all the talking heads, and Golden Corral delivered, the last supper would have overwhelmed any final lessons he might have wanted to pass on. So much news that covers topics in a shallow fashion, too little underneath that we talk about… hence the need to look at more than just the overwhelming smorgasbord.

Beyond the Noise

by Ken Carman

 Any legitimate talk show should offer a segment we could call Beyond the Noise, not that there really are many anymore. Beyond the Noise would have hosts and callers talking about the skullduggery going on behind Inspectionthe scenes while everyone is distracted. The more drama, the more hyperbole, the more likely misdirection is being used to divert attention away from what’s even nastier. Or to distract from what’s underneath: the bigger, most toxic, parts of the iceberg. Icebergs intended to Titanic our freedoms, our rights, lives.


 It’s worse now, but I understand the loan burdens of today’s college students. The whole “you can pay off the interest if you don’t have a full time job when you graduate” scam they sell you on. Back when I did it in any single month you’d pay more than if you just paid one monthly installment. Check that out: otherwise it will cost you more both in the short run and the long run.
 The wider question: why would how much money someone has access to have anything to do with being college worthy? Read more

Inspection- What “News Media?”

Two angry friends or roommates arguing and threatening in the living room at home

by Ken Carman

 It’s been a long hideous path from a more civil and objective news media to “Here is what the _____ REALLY want” (whatever goes into the blank). It’s been a long hideous path from the civility expected at the wider gatherings of Inspectionfamily and friends, to Trump, Junior, encouraging the right to trigger the left during Thanksgiving dinner and the bloodbath that drowns a free nation in the rising flood of politically triggered mass shootings.
 But I think these are all symptoms of a virus grown in the huge Petri dish created by the deregulation of the media. The fantasy that deregulation is a cure for everything is a nasty nightmare, and the deregulation of the news media has created a toxic virus; especially when it comes to how we handle discourse and our anger, our fears, when we aren’t getting our way politically.
 Right now we have little to no true news media.
 One Facebook poster commented on one of the pages I visit that he found The Young Turks covered the news better, more fairly, than MSNBC or Fox or… I resisted the temptation of answering back with the confrontational, “YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING!” or “REALLY???”
 Confrontational, as studies have shown, does nothing to make anyone “think.” People get more protective of their views, even get more extreme.
 So instead I offered a commentary explaining why there is very little to no news media these days. Almost all is news-based entertainment, or newsfotainment. TYT is a strongly partisan source but the others often are too: either worse or somewhat watered down. People rarely hear what might challenge them to rethink their stances because newsfotainment has helped turn us so partisan too many people just dismiss everything else. We also don’t hear it because we have multiple channels that tells us what we want to hear, follow the newsfotainment format. Seems everyone has their personal partisan, sometimes little more than propagandist-driven, Nirvana. Read more

Inspection-Redefining Corruption

by Ken Carman

 The reaction on the left to what Rudy Giuliani said about Marie Yovanovitch being “corrupt” seems to miss an important point. Rudy, Trump and the right are redefining the term ‘corruption.’ According to standard definitions used for many years of corruption what Marie Yovanovitch did was anything Inspectionbut. It was anti-corruption. But Trump and company are trying to shift the definition of corruption. To provide a few examples: by the old definition corruption would be when a politician attempts to use their office strictly for personal gain. Corruption would be attempting to use one’s office to enrich oneself while in office: even if that enriching is not monetary. Using public funds assigned for other purposes to to assure reelection: corruption. Using public funds assigned by congress for other purposes to destroy a potential political rival: corruption. Read more

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