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Inspection- Well, Well, Well… REGULATED


by Ken Carman

  All I could think of while writing this was the song covered by Peter, Paul and Mary, written by Gibson and Camp Well, Well, Well

 Well, well, well
  Who’s that a callin
  Well, well, well
 Hold my hand.
 Well, well, well,
  Night is a fallin
  Spirit is a movin all over this land

 With people mowed down by bullets on a regular basis, two leaders goading each other into war and more; one wonders what dark “spirit” is “movin all over this land.” Read more

Inspection- How to Punch a Nazi

by Ken Carman

 You could simply react to their nasty nature, their threats, their snarky nature by giving them a sucker punch to the gut. How about a quick one to the kidneys wearing brass knuckles to the nastier, more threatening, ones? Maybe the dull side of an ax and quick Inspectionwhack of the sharp edge to the most sensitive region when one’s about to be assaulted? When one’s life is threatened how about Kathy Griffin-ing them while punching their detaching head over and over?
 I absolutely do not recommend any of these. Don’t do any of them. They are beyond BAD ideas. The Kathy Griffin option is downright evil, and anyone who thinks what she did was “funny” has a broken, twisted, severely defective, very unfunny, funny “bone.” The high road is… generally… better. But they are my way of bringing up several unanswered questions and important observations… Read more

Inspection- What Dreams May Connect

 A break from politics and social issues. Couldn’t you use a break?

by Ken Carman

 I was standing in front of the recruiter as he said…

  “Your recruitment is all done, everything in order, except we have this matter of the incident with the police. All three of the Damian brothers were arrested…”
Inspection ”But I wasn’t arrested. Look, LeQuay was my friend at the time. He saw me outside my apartment and asked me to come along with them: they were going to confront his former landlord. How was I to know he’d go nuts, start screaming and throwing things?”
 ”Yes, I can see that.”
 ”So I’m not being accepted?”
 ”No… welcome to the Air Force!”

 He shook my hand and I limped out the door of the recruitment office wondering what I was doing going into the Air Force when I could hardly walk. Read more

Inspection- The Art of Deception

by Ken Carman

  In his book, The Art of the Deal, Donald Trump talked about repeating a lie to close a deal. Now we’re not even a year into his presidency I think the major problem with what he claimed is: unlike Inspectiontypical Trump, he minimized what he actually does. It’s not 3 times, or 4, or 10. It’s perpetual. He just shifts from one lie to another. I think any truth he may tell: IF ANY, may be 3 times, though that may be a vast over estimation.
 His book shouldn’t have been called Deal, it should have been The Art of Deception, though “art” when it comes to Trump is about as accurate as his claim he uses the “best words.” And it’s all about deception that may fool fools, but must of us know him as a conman in a party of conmen and women. Read more

Inspection- Trump Can’t Take It

by Ken Carman

 As my radio pukes out more Trump threats to have Hillary investigated again I realize how easy Trump makes it to Inspectionrecognize that classic bully distraction tactic: “Look over there!” Of course, being Trump, the tactic is delivered via his trademark mob mentality, flavored with threats bordering on, “You will stop or we’ll put cement shoes on someone in your family.” Of course that ignores that there are many demanding the investigation continue who might even welcome Clinton in handcuffs at the same time Donnie also heads to prison: even some Republicans. Not everyone fed up with Trump and wanting all this investigated consider her “family.” In fact I’m guessing most don’t.
 Typical black and white thinking from someone who seems paranoid and delusional. And just another sloppy, thoughtless Trump threat that fell flatter than an immigrant tossed out of a plane. Read more

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