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Inspection- If COVID-19 Were a Movie…

 …what movie would you think it might be? If I chose I might switch the perspective of that movie to what started the crisis. Make it talk to us; as if it were human…

by Ken Carman

 You know who I am. You should hear me: I am knocking on your doors. Some of you must have heard me: I am banging on your doors. Some have foolishly already let Inspectiontake Chloroquine as a ‘cure’ and die. Because presidents wouldn’t lie about something like a cure, would they?
 I don’t care about claims of a few weeks and it will safe to go back to work.
 I don’t care about 15 cases to zero claims, but thanks for helping.
 I don’t care about claims that it’s all a hoax perpetrated by one party.
 I don’t care if your president thinks the cure is worse than me. So far I have proved again and again I am far worse than his ignorance, his lies. This pleases me.
 I like it that your president is losing patience: it can only feed my hunger for more souls. Read more

Inspection- No, Trump is NOT Responsible for COVID

One Nashville merchant’s ‘solution’ to COVID-19

by Ken Carman

 I found it funny when the Facebook poster mocked me for blaming Trump for COVID-19, even though there wasn’t anything funny about it. NOTHING I had typed had indicated I blamed Trump for COVID. Of course when challenged, and told she was lying, she simply revised her claim about what I wrote “responsible,” OR responsible for the increase in cases.
 Now I plead guilty to the last part of her accusation. Guilty of telling the truth. After I typed a shorter version of what I am about to type her response was silence. Probably because how much Trump was responsibile was easy to prove.
 Instead of seeking calm and bipartisanship, Trump went to a “Democratic hoax.” Read more

Inspection- Jaws Meet Co-Presidency

 My preference is a progressive ticket. But this isn’t about what I want, or what you want. While I don’t totally dismiss miracles, it’s about the reality of where we seem to be headed.

by Ken Carman

 I firmly believe we are at that movie climax moment where we take out the shark or he eats us. That’s why thinking our way out of this box office inspired moment is important. That’s why working together despite differences is crucial. We need a united nation, especially considering Corona, and especially considering our relations with perhaps former allies. Corona is worldwide.
 Not invited to unification? The deplorables. YES, I used “deplorables.” You know; that half of Trump’s movement who are like the character who Slim Pickens played in Doctor Strangelove. They would ride any bomb down for Trump, and Corona definitely seems “da bomb.” Oh, and I think “half” may have been far too generous. NOTHING we will say or do could win them over. On a Corona death bed they would insist a secret lab run by “lib-burr-uls” created Corona, and that leftist lab was also genetically altering ticks so when tick season arrives we can have Corona with Lyme. All they would need is a single Trumpster tweet.
 I promise you: we are far better off without them. Read more

Inspection- When Writers are Bored


 After last night everything I could have written has already been written and said. Tired of virus talk, Trump tweet bumps, Bernie bashing, Joe jabbing? So is the writer! Welcome to “the writer was bored” edition! And, yes, I will get to politics.

by Ken Carman

 So much drama recently. Maybe God is bored?
 Many times my wife and I have been watching some TV program and I’ve turned to Millie and said, “The writers were bored.” That can be good. That can be bad.
 Bad… there was a program on for a short while called Continuum. We enjoyed the first season. The premise: in a very corporate future our heroine goes Inspectionback to our time to stop convicts about to be executed. The ‘terrorists’ went back to change history to derail corporatism. Read more

Inspection- The Leo Bloom in Bloomberg

by Ken Carman

 Is the media: both social and main stream, playing to the rubes, also helped by corporations and politicians? Are they, like Leo Bloom and Max Bialystock, trying to sell us some American version of Springtime for Hitler in InspectionGermany? …hoping to make us all prisoners of hate? IF so, here’s how.
 Despite the fact I am no Bloomberg fan this is not some anti-Bloomberg screed.
 Despite the fact I feel if you think Biden is a bad candidate Bloomberg was worse this really has little to do with Bloomberg the person: any personal defects

The Producers, before the remake and the musical.

he may or may not have.
 Despite the fact both Bloomberg and Steyer were oligarch candidates and I loathe the very idea of yet another possible president from the oligarch, or oligarch-wannabe, class.
 Unfortunately this has to do with what may be a growing rube-ish segment of society who is increasingly selecting our leaders. And a lot to do with why Trump had that extra edge; along with the far more influential election fraud tactics Republicans have been perfecting, that helped him ascend in 2016. Read more

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