Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Remember the Reagan Revolution? So, don’t accuse me of advocating violence…But I must say I am disappointed by what the present-day Progressives have to offer. At least the Nutzis and the Con men have God to point to that what they say is something other than the bullshit that it is. Progressives do actually walk in the path of Jesus, the true social reformer, and yet, allow themselves to go no further than $15 dollars an hour, transgender rights, and whatever righteous secular cause, of the day. The problem is, that Progressives actually walk the walk of Jesus, and the Conservatives, talk the talk. And even more ironic is that Jesus, the reformer, was executed by the Republicans of their time, the Romans!
For most of my adult life, I have been swimming against the current of that Judas Goat, drug dealer Ronald Reagan. He sold the fentanyl of “Everybody’s going to get rich, if you’re white and male.” And for years, we had no antidote as some people, made some money, the propaganda machine roared full blast, the think tanks attacked everything, and they bought all of the media. There we were as they have taken over God, taken over all of the distributors of information, own their Ponzi scheme of an economy, and do their best to own us. Everything, I repeat everything, that has gone wrong with our nation since 1980, is directly related to them or their ideology. Insured by God, your job depends on them being happy, fear is the mind-killer, and the weight of society turned against truth, as reality, logic, ethics, and honesty.
My Father once told me that “Opinions are like farts, everyone has them, but some of them stink.” The Cons have used their ownership of the media to promote the Nutzi ideology, and make sure their opinions are shouted to the heavens. While logical, ethical, and honest opinions are shot down as radical, anti-God, and far-left. They actually promote that they own God, and that waving of your arms, singing the right songs, and of course giving enough money, will get you what you want. Or the health and wealth ministries. Now they turn the Evangelical church and some Catholic, into a mind-control machine with groomer organizations, preying on people at their saddest and most malleable. My friends of honor, I know this is the most dangerous and tragic of times, for those that seek humanity’s potential. That is why we need a new rationale, for doing what is right.
The concepts of Foundationism, are based on truth as reality, logic as in science and the scientific method, ethics as in just law, evenly enforced, and honesty in everything. We need to change the name and the concept of the Progressive Movement. Now based on the FDR “New Deal” of the 1930s and before and become the Evolutionaries of the 21st century and beyond. Instead of an incremental raising of living standards, we seek to raise all boats in a tide of evolution to becoming better human beings. Not lost between a feudal past and the aspirations of humanity finally reaching its potential. That real freedoms begin with owning yourself, and making logical choices, based on truth, as the reality around us.
Progressives actually walk in the footsteps of the social reformer Jesus. Conservative talk the talk of the institutionalized, commercialized, and monetize Evangelical Churches. We must seize upon that fact! It’s about doing, not about saying the conforming lie, the myth of the church. God is what God is, not what pastor bubba says. If you wish to walk with the universe, then that path is not controlled by the Koch Network, and The Council for National Policy. That, my friends, is the real truth of God, whatever that is…This coming Progressive evolution will be about those that “Walk the walk” expecting nothing but the good of our shared humanity in return. They can talk all of the bullshit they want! We are those that seek the stars! We are the builders, of the builders, of starships. We choose to be more than just a smarter animal. That is what evolution is all about.
RC Romine

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