Sat. Jun 10th, 2023

.I would like to begin with the statement that all of us have feet of clay. All of us have imperfections and oddities. Mine usually revolve around ice cream, but this isn’t about me. Last night, my wife and I watched “God Forbid.” It is the story, from the “Pool boys” perspective of the Jerry Falwell Jr., Liberty University, sex scandal. It is on Hulu, it is now available and is riveting. It is a study of the hypocrisy of the wealth and power of the Evangelical “God Business.” The standards they set for others and the reality of their own actions. It will take your breath away, in the depth of its hypocrisy. Some of you may think that I see this as validation of my views, but no, it just makes me sad. Because, in the end, just about everything I saw as American, has turned into a scam, a con. Even those things that I, as a child believed were good.
It’s just another example of “Transactional America.” Where even our relationship with the Universe, is turned into a grab for money and power, control, and a sale of some sort. That even in the God Business, it’s all about money, control, and sex. And not just the sex between “The Pool Boy” and Mrs. Falwell, while Jr. watched. But also the screwing that we have all gotten from the “God Business” and its defense of segregation, the hypocrisy of actions as opposed to dogma, and the incredible amount of religious indoctrination. But most of all, how much of it concerns sex.
You need only listen to the Cons, the business, religious, ideological, and propaganda complex of the Conservative movement. What do they talk about? Sex! From transgender, to gay, to pedophiles and grooming, that’s all they talk about. But what do they do? They sell themselves out to people like Donald Trump, that “Very good” Christian (Ha, ha, ha). Who embodies everything they supposedly hate, but for him, it’s all okay. They too, have made the transition from movement to cult, then to scam.
One revelation, at least to me, was just how much Jerry Farwell and his “Moral Majority” movement, had a hand in screwing up this nation. He was in large part the genesis of Christian Nationalism, segregation-infused hypocrisy, and the big lie about who they are, and what they want. I remember a quote from Jim Baker, Tammy Fat’s husband, the televangelist, that expensive wood floors, fleets of expensive cars, private jets, and mansions were the reward for his being faithful to God. While of course, he wasn’t anything of the sort. Which brings me to why they love Donald Trump. Because he is just like their preachers, putting on a good show, putting butts in the pews, promising things that he really can’t give, and they love it. It’s all a big show, a big con, a big lie. Because, it’s all about the show!

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