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Cliche’ ALERT! “No News IS Good News”

    The Communications Curmudgeon is NO fan of cliches, but sometimes they work.
    The Communications Curmudgeon is no fan of suppressing free speech, though some speech is intended to blast the “free” from “speech.”
    The Communications Curmudgeon is also no fan of what news that isn’t news; what is just hyping empty content.

Dear Reader,

    Sometimes less is better, and none even better; especially when the only purpose is to feed the partisan divide, to divide us.
    Depending on your source of news the TOPIC might be different; but this is about content: destructive methods and tactics intended hook in viewers into partisan rabble rousing by creating inventing content. News should respond to what actually is, what was. Not what could be, or never was until supposed journalists MAKE something an issue when we don’t know yet. Creating content where none really exists is not the job and should be a consideration for dismissal.
    Could be Hunter’s laptop, could be the January 6th committee, or any number of things. But most of what is “reported” is no news at all. Up until Monday the 19th we had NO idea what they would recommend to DOJ, or not. Too often what they dare refer to as “news” is speculation. Then airtime filled with by likeminded pundits. So far, we don’t know what’s on Hunter’s laptop, we don’t even know if it exists. One assumes he brought it in for repair, if there is a laptop. Most of this type of reporting is “blah, blah, blah, de blah” and on it goes. Noise, inventing content, sometimes for no reason at all other than feed the partisan monster.
    What we have isn’t news, it’s newsfauxtainment, and that’s being kind. Mostly it’s targeting supposed villains, in other words those who disagree with our spin.
    Most people think they can be completely objective, but no one can. Not even The Communications Curmudgeon. The effort is what matters.
    Reporting that Monday the committee will be issuing a final report Monday is news. What they MIGHT actually do: that’s not news, no more than what MIGHT be on some laptop. Endless speculation is NOT news. I suppose if you have a panel with a MAGA member willing to be part of a civil discussion, along with more moderate Republica willing to be civil, a more moderate civil Democrat, and Progressive also civil that could be an interesting part of a talking head show, but not supposed news programs. Most of these programs go from speculating to a whole group of people who agree speculating. Speculative news shouldn’t be a “thing.”
    Reporting there is a laptop if there is one, and that Republicans want to know what’s on it? Casual, occasional, report maybe. Endless speculation? NO. Stop feeding the beast, the monster.
    Curmudgeon only used two examples. There are many out there left, right and other.
    Most newsfauxentertainment make cotton candy seem highly nutritive.
    That’s why sometimes in news no news at all is the best response, if we are to refer to our content as “news.” Tweets or FB posts should generally be ignored because all they are is intentional manipulation.
    Any organization that considers itself a “news organization” should treat such manipulations as “no news at all.” Reward such nonsense with…

                                   The Communications Curmudgeon

   Ken Carman is “The Communications Curmudgeon:” a 76 graduate of SUNY @ Plattsburgh School of Communications. He did have good grades, but not grand. Ken specializes in taking what he has learned from music, being a music business student in Nashville, an English major at two colleges, a Communications/Mass Media Major and seeing what PhD’s might not see. Think of it like horses at a track with blinders on. They see the track, where they need to go. Like most generalists, Ken sees beyond the track and how it all can fit together in unique ways. In the future expect more off kilter editions. Ken hopes his perspective may widen the perspective of others, and the perspectives of his readers do the same for him. Ken lives in Eagle Bay and Beaver River, NY. He is formerly form Nashville, TN, then Old Forge, NY, then Utica, NY where he met Millie the marvelous, and born in Nyack, NY.
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By Ken Carman

Retired entertainer, provider of educational services, columnist, homebrewer, collie lover, writer of songs, poetry and prose... humorist, mediocre motorcyclist, very bad carpenter, horrid handyman and quirky eccentric deluxe.

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