Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

As I have said many times, we live in an abuse-based society. It’s more difficult to abuse people to their faces, so separation is very important for the efficient screwing of the American people. When I was a kid, admittedly a long time ago, the rich people lived just down the street, and you saw them every once in a while. But now, they live in enclaves, mini-fortresses, and well away from us, the unwashed masses.
Separation has long been a Con goal. To keep us, out of sight, out of mind, and out of their lives as they work tirelessly to control ours. They can reach out and touch our lives, but we cannot touch theirs. That, is the idea behind separation. They are indeed afraid of our torches and pitchforks, which they see as the probable result of us understanding what they have been doing since before Reagan. It’s a lot harder to find the object of your realization that their assault on YOUR freedoms, YOUR economic and bodily health, is to THEIR economic and social advantage. And YOUR detriment! If they are behind mansion walls with tons of private security…
Then, there are only the country club rivalries, business wars, and, of course, the destruction of the rabble to worry about. You can go from your armored limo, to your bullet-proof glass tower, and then return to your fortress, when you’re screwing of the rabble is done for the day. Separation is a key element in keeping the abuse machine operation ongoing.
That’s why school vouchers and “Mon’s for Liberty” exist, to make sure that the rich kids, aren’t exposed to anything that might make them question the abuse system that allows for their parents to screw the rabble, the poor people. If they develop a conscience, then the entire corruption-built mess may collapse into a hot steamy, heap. Kind of like a pile of shit.
That’s why the need for special schools for the spawn of the rich is so necessary to the plan of the Cons. They may, until properly indoctrinated into the world of privilege, feel bad about people living on the street in the heat and cold, or about poor kids not having electricity or enough to eat. Those things only make their kids “Soft.” Something that a ruling class of exploiters and abusers cannot condone.
If we are seen as human, or our needs are seen as important as theirs, the exclusionary class of the Cons and Nutzis, will fail in their devaluing of the rest of us. That, is the simple truth, the Cons hide with Fox News, right-wing everything, and ownership of all of the media.
RC Romine
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