Sun. May 26th, 2024

I’m going to make a blanket statement, which has become more and more visibly true. “There is no perfect system for imperfect people.” There is no utopian dream, nor is there a philosophy, or ideology, that can make up for that. But yet, any improvement within the scope of humanity, or the human condition, is attacked as socialism. We are facing an insurrection from those who seek a return to 1958, the unquestioned rule of white supremacy, white skin and balls. Where everyone was defined by skin color and sex. Which church they went to.
To those who made all of the decisions, had the right color skin, and were connected to the right things, it was a kind of utopia. There were places where, white people could literally get away with murder, and do it with friends and a rope. There were places that became lily white after sundown. Places where you could go have lunch or dinner without being “Insulted” by black or brown skin. To those that fit the criteria of white skin, a thick wallet, and balls, it was a kind of racist, misogynist, and a celebration of ignorance, utopia. No wonder they are willing to wreck their own nation to restore it.
That’s why there is no lie too extreme, no cruelty too mean, and no hypocrisy too vile because they must have vengeance on those they see as taking away their utopia. It is a lie, based on a memory of a lie, built upon a crock of shit, wrapped in a flag, and preached every Sunday.
I was there, in the land of four bathrooms, two water fountains, and waiting rooms. It was never a utopia, and it was a nightmare of racist fools thinking that they were in charge of everything. All of the things the Cons (Conservatives) accuse us of doing, they did. It was like the Twilight Zone, wrapped in a Bible, covered with the flag, and then dumped into the sewer. Because it was full of everything that inhabits a sewer, just made to seem normal.
I have lived in Florida for most of my life. I have seen the racist tide fall and then come roaring back with Desantis, the Koch Network, and assorted Nutzis and fools in charge. They seek a self-serving, imaginary racist utopia that never existed. Just the open sewer, they crave so much…
RC Romine

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