Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Nashville, TN area

Next Meeting March 13th: Saturday; 2pm


3120 Winberry Dr.

Franklin 37064


There are several ways to get here from Nashville, but most do the following:

* 65 South to Hwy 96 exit (Franklin/Murfressboro)

* At the top of the exit turn RIGHT(WEST) toward Franklin

* Follow Hwy 96 WEST all the way through Franklin(about 6 miles total). You will have to pay attention to the signs for Hwy 96 once you get near downtown Franklin as it will guide you around the outside of the downtown circle

* Keep on 96 WEST until you get to Downs Blvd(there is a strip mall there with a Walgreens and a BP on the other corner)

* Turn LEFT onto Downs Blvd

* At the next light about a mile down turn RIGHT onto Boyd Mill

* Take your 2nd LEFT at Franklin Green Parkway(the entrance to the subdivision)

* Take your third RIGHT onto Winberry Dr. The 10th house up on the left at 3120 Winberry

If you’re coming from somewhere south of Franklin on 65, just turn left on 96 instead of right. Just be sure you’re going west.

Feel free to call 578-7827 if anyone else needs specific directions.

Also, parking could be an issue. Some people park at the pool parking lot, which you would come to if you didn’t take a right onto Winberry. Its just a short walk from there to the house.

Looking forward to it!


Erik Lutkins


Joey Bowman here! It has been awhile since I have talked to you all. I havent brewed any in over three years but it is on my mind for the future. I have something to sell that some of you guys in the club may be interested in purchasing. A few years ago I bought five 14.7 gallon SS conicals I have three set up on one frame that is not for sale but I have one extra (did have two – one is now spoken for) that I have decided to sell. I have the 14.7 SS conical, 20inch SS lid, and a gasket. I will take $275.00 each for the set. A person can build a metal rack or even wood to do the fermenting. If you have never fermented in large volume and in SS, this is definitely a step in a better tasting beer. Attached you can see today cost, I paid $20 each for the gaskets and shipping today on a single would be $40 or more.

Conical $228

Lid $ 59

Gasket $ 20 MY PRICE $275.00

Shipping $ 40

TOTAL $347.00

Please E-mail Liz:

You know Karen as a club member, the editor of The Score and her husband Jack’s real boss. But on National Hop Day drink this brewer’s beer at…

National Hop Day!

Saturday, February 27, 2010. 1 – 4 PM


Boscos has declared the last Saturday in February as National Hop Day! Join us for fun, hops, prizes, more hops, HopGod Ale, still more hops and still even more hops.

Plus, the Hop Tyrant will thank you.

MORE HOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Professor Good Ales

Mythical poster at The LTS Good for What Ales You Beer Journal. Loves good beer. Hates same old, same old. Muses that Bud and Miller might as well be brewed in urinals. Drinks lagers too, if they are complex and interesting.

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