Inspection- No, Trump is NOT Responsible for COVID

One Nashville merchant’s ‘solution’ to COVID-19

by Ken Carman

 I found it funny when the Facebook poster mocked me for blaming Trump for COVID-19, even though there wasn’t anything funny about it. NOTHING I had typed had indicated I blamed Trump for COVID. Of course when challenged, and told she was lying, she simply revised her claim about what I wrote “responsible,” OR responsible for the increase in cases.
 Now I plead guilty to the last part of her accusation. Guilty of telling the truth. After I typed a shorter version of what I am about to type her response was silence. Probably because how much Trump was responsibile was easy to prove.
 Instead of seeking calm and bipartisanship, Trump went to a “Democratic hoax.” Read more

Germany Confirms That Trump Tried to Buy Firm Working on Coronavirus Vaccine

CureVac boss was at the White House last week to discuss its vaccines plans.


he Donald Trump administration offered “large sums of money” to get exclusive access to a coronavirus vaccine being developed by a German company, Die Welt reported Sunday.

According to the article, Trump was trying to get the Tübingen-based CureVac company — which also has sites in Frankfurt and Boston — to move its research wing to the United States and develop the vaccine “for the U.S. only.”

A spokesperson for Germany’s Health Ministry quoted in the article appeared to acknowledge the U.S. approach and said that Berlin was “very interested in ensuring that vaccines and active substances against the new coronavirus are also developed in Germany and Europe.”

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Inspection- Jaws Meet Co-Presidency

 My preference is a progressive ticket. But this isn’t about what I want, or what you want. While I don’t totally dismiss miracles, it’s about the reality of where we seem to be headed.

by Ken Carman

 I firmly believe we are at that movie climax moment where we take out the shark or he eats us. That’s why thinking our way out of this box office inspired moment is important. That’s why working together despite differences is crucial. We need a united nation, especially considering Corona, and especially considering our relations with perhaps former allies. Corona is worldwide.
 Not invited to unification? The deplorables. YES, I used “deplorables.” You know; that half of Trump’s movement who are like the character who Slim Pickens played in Doctor Strangelove. They would ride any bomb down for Trump, and Corona definitely seems “da bomb.” Oh, and I think “half” may have been far too generous. NOTHING we will say or do could win them over. On a Corona death bed they would insist a secret lab run by “lib-burr-uls” created Corona, and that leftist lab was also genetically altering ticks so when tick season arrives we can have Corona with Lyme. All they would need is a single Trumpster tweet.
 I promise you: we are far better off without them. Read more

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