This Was a Fascist Rally Down to Its Bones

The president* is proud of the monster he has created. He glories in the destruction and the almighty rage.


y now, unfortunately, a ‘tween girl at El Caudillo del Mar-a-Lago’s little exercise in apartheid cosplay has been hauled into the national spotlight because she happened to be standing behind him when the lizard-brained chant of “send her back” erupted in reference to Rep. Ilhan Omar, a sitting member of the United States Congress. Because of the wizardry of modern video technology, television had zoomed right in on her as she slowly picks up the chant with no apparent enthusiasm. She then became little more than an object lesson. I wish her well. I hope she grows up to be Dorothy Day. I hope she grows up to be Exene Cervenka, if that’s what she wants. I hope she grows up happy and at peace with the world. I hope she grows up in a country where incitement-to-riot isn’t a net-plus in presidential elections. I hope, but it’s getting harder by the hour.

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Inspection- What They Should Have Said: the Squad

 This is a matter of framing. I think they said a lot of good things, most of which will just blow over the ever zero attention span afflicted heads of the media and the nation. All that will last is Trump’s inane responses. Sometimes more impact is called for: we need more of a Ted Kennedy, in your face, “When does the greed stop?” moment. This goes to what they call themselves too. I also propose a new name: “Real American Patriots Squad,” just to piss off magas and their extremely fallible deity.


by Ken Carman

 ”We have been here before.”
 ”Do we really need to answer an accusation worse than, ‘Are you or have you ever been a Communist?’ This from someone who knows nothing about showing the dignity of his office, or cares anything about that dignity. This from someone who constantly accuses others of perpetuating a ‘witch hunt.’ Apparently, while accusing others of a with hunt, he no problems declaring others all kinds of names; essentially witches. And he has no problem with inspiring acts of violence. He even declares he will pay for their defense.”
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Fighting Over Who Belongs in Government

By Masa Gessen

Who can govern? Every American election poses this question. Formally, the question is, who will represent the people best? But the underlying question is, invariably, who belongs in government? Can a Catholic be President? Can a black man? A white woman? A man with no government experience? A gay man? A philanderer? A man accused of making unwanted advances toward women? A man who has gleefully acknowledged forcing himself on women? A woman of color? A Muslim? Does an immigrant belong in Congress? The 2016 election of Donald Trump, and the 2018 midterms, which brought several outlier members to Congress, reinflamed these questions.


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