Woman Walking Alone At Night Picks Up Pace After Spotting Truck Full Of Alabama Lawmakers Slowly Following Her

MONTGOMERY, AL—Quickening her pace as the vehicle flashed its brights, Alabama woman Alison Kyles, 29, reportedly hurried towards home Thursday after spotting a pickup truck full of Alabama lawmakers slowly following her.

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Inspection- Getting Shot for Shooting Off Your Mouth

“Conspiracy theory?” Yes, though as time passes and the patterns repeat closer Inspectionto fact than not. The national shootings, like another school shooting in Colorado, often pretty much require motives be covered. But otherwise…

 April was sliding towards an end here in Nashville and then there was… a MURDER!!! “A murder?” These days there seems to be a local murder or two every day, and not a lot of knowing why. Two people at a Mobil station were arguing. They went outside: still arguing. Then one shot the other. Why? Once upon a time journalists covered motives whether local or not, at least eventually. But given the lack of journalistic standards these days we may never know.
 Did Stand Your Ground help cause this? What were they arguing about? Was it politics? Is it any accident that since 2016 in Nashville one on one murder rates have exploded, yet motives are rarely, if ever, mentioned? Is it just incidental that this is not just some singular Nashville phenomenon? Do the motives line up with goals of the extreme right? How many murders have been inspired by what has spewed forth from Trump’s ever active, ever vicious, hate promoting, piehole? We already know nationwide and even overseas: more than a few. Read more

Millions of Americans Believe God Made Trump President

Amy Sullivan is the author of “The Party Faithful” and co-host of the podcast Impolite Company.

If Donald Trump gets a little bored on his flight home from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, he can always page through a book handed to him by a delegate not long after he arrived: “God and Donald Trump.”

The volume, written by Stephen Strang, a leading Pentecostal figure and the longtime publisher of Charisma magazine, is an easy read—part spiritual hagiography, part Fox News bulletin and part prophecy. It ultimately says far less about Trump than about the charismatic Pentecostals who were some of his earliest religious supporters and who now view his election as the fulfillment of God’s will.


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