Inspection- A Horse Heading South of Sanity

by Ken Carman

 Why do I get the feeling the actors are different, but America is still going to wind up sweeping up like before, like that little guy at the end of Peabody and InspectionSherman? Clickbait may be one reason. So much clickbait already, so much more to headed our way: like a huge busted dam slowly letting out more and more of the flood to come. Even though she ISN’T running, because hate Hillary is to clickbait what alcohol is to alcoholics now she’s supposed to run as Bloomberg’s VP?
 That most likely qualifies, as my father used to say, as what comes out of the north end of a horse headed south. But any Clinton grafted onto some fake news-ish fairy tale; no matter how poorly spun, gets clicks and, more important, serves to divide those left of Trump.
 Barr complains about Trump tweets and the response is a big White House shrug? When has Donald Trump EVER been shy about going after those who aren’t completely obedient? If anyone believes this isn’t some rhetorical photo op just for show they apparently haven’t been paying attention to what comes out of the north part of a horse headed south. And they are often the loudest to complain when cast with the rest us for the part of the cartoon guy whose job it was to follow Peabody and Sherman’s parade at the end of their marvelous toon during The Bullwinkle Show. Sweeping up you know what.
 In the past 3 years there certainly has been a lot of you know what.
 Limited to just the right?
 Are you kidding?
 Progressives and ‘moderates’ act as if only the other shut up, gave up, victory will be ours and afterwards everything will be ice cream and candy. Read more

So’s Yo’ Mama Politics: No Way to Elect a Leader

Like so many others, I spend more time than I should watching the bullshit being spread on the political “shows” that take the place of news coverage on cable channels from Fox to CNN to MSNBC. It’s an addiction of a sort and it would be fairly harmless, except for the fact that it isn’t. It’s mostly engineered to piss us off, which would be fairly harmless, except for the fact that it isn’t. Surely the harm that it does to those legions or the gullible mouth breathers who so religiously follow Sean Hannity or the twits on Fox and Friends is obvious to all but those who have unquestioned faith in the honor and honesty of Donald Trump. And though he’s not on TV these days, those who listen to the Presidential Medal of Honor winner, Rush Limbaugh, are dependably among those “low-information voters” Trump has said he loves. We’ve all read, I assume, those studies that have shown that Fox viewers are the least well informed of “all other news “consumers” (a word choice, incidentally, that requires us to notice what a sorry-ass and non-brave new world we now inhabit).

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